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Mag-10 training

Hey guys, so i got two bottles of Mag-10 and I’m going to start a bulking cycle in a few weeks. I’m going to go two weeks on, two off, then two back on and two off. I’m going to consume 400 grams of protein and about 600 grams of Carbs. I’m gonna get about 100 grams of fats as well. I weigh 225 pounds. Is this a good intake? Also what type of training should i do? Twice a day with a 4 day split. Every day but work out only once a day?
thanks guys

As far as you diet, you’re coming in at just under 5000 calories; that should be pretty sufficient, but I think personally, I would increase the protein to 500 grams, the cabrs to 650, and drop some of the fat. When on Mag-10, I like to limit my fat intake to the last 2 meals of the day, and eating 100 grams in 4 hours is a bit much. If you can handle it, though, by all means go ahead.

As far as training, look into the Growth Surge Project. The program laid out in that should work very well.

If that's not suitable, then a 4 day split should work, but if you can make it to the gym on Saturday for a few extra sets it might not hurt. As far as 2-a-day training, I am a big advocate of that while consuming a large excess of calories. I feel it helps spread caloric expenditure throughout the day, and generally helps prevent a little fat gain.

Keep us updated on what you decide to do, and good luck! Hope this helps.