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Mag-10 Training Routine?

Ok, so i’ve searched and searched. So far all I’ve found is Hypertrophy training as something that might work well during a MAG-10 cycle.

I am going to most likely do 12 weeks worth (3 cycles) of MAG-10. During those 12 weeks, I want to do everything in my power to gain.

My goals are to keep my current BF% of around 12-13%. I will be taking the following:

2 weeks:
HOT-ROX stacked with MAG-10 stacked with ZMA.

2 weels:
HOT-ROX stacked with Alpha Male stacked with M stacked with ZMA.

I have a diet pretty well planned out for my goals, using more carbs, less fat, and still the same amount of protein, (~2g per bodyweight).

Now, with this in mind. What god damn training routine do you guys think would fit?

Any suggestions would be great, seeing I start in 2 weeks, and am anxious in deciding what to do.

Any of the god damned solid programs on this damn site. LOL

Sorry had to do it. :slight_smile:

Have you read Growth Surge Project. It was made for cycles of MAG-10.

Really any of the programs will work. Look for one that really ups the volume during your on weeks and then during down/recovery weeks drop the volume a bit and up the loads to solidify the gains and DONT drop the K/cals low during weeks off.

Along with Growth Surge, I would suggest looking at CW’s “Quatro Dynamo” and “ABBH”, CT’s “OVT”, and really any program made for mass gains on this site.

Hope that helps some.
Let us know how things turn out,

Yea, about half an hour after writing this post, I came across John Berardi’s site, and read up on Growth Surge Part 2 and 3. They appear to be what I will cycle through. Appreciate the post though. Even if it was a god damn post.