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Mag-10 Training protocols

What style of training has worked best for most of you all. Im particularly wondering, each bodypart once or twice per week? 4, 5 or 6 days per week? Sets per bodypart/workout/week? I recall a post by bill roberts about optimal training volume ranges- but cant find it, if anyone could direct me to this or repost it I would appreciate it.

I think the MAG-10 FAQ article has some info on this. Check the previous issues section.

No info there on training protocol, anyhow, i would love to know what everyone here is doing anyway

Okay, try the ‘MAG-10 Plan for Success’ article. The topic has been discussed alot here on the forum too. Look up the old MAG-10 Support Group threads and the stuff on the Growth Surge Project.

Just got done with fat to fire and now I’m on CPT M,W,F. After CPT I’m moving to Meltdown Training (hopefully Meltdown II will be out by then), for me it changes with my goals (max strength, fat loss, mass, etc.)

I’m a natural competitive bodybuilder, so recovery is a major issue for me. So, the bodypart once a week workout is best. I can put all my energy in destroying those muscle cells in that workout and know that I will be giving them plenty of time to recover and grow! I don’t believe in splits - where you train a bodypart in the morning and another one in the evening. To me, they were created by the steroid monsters in the '80’s who had unbelievable recovery ability due to the 'roids. I’m natural, I need to grow so I need to recover. But that’s me - you just need to experiment and find what works best for you.