Mag-10 Training for Bill Roberts

Hi Bill. I was just wondering what you think the best way to use Mag-10 is since you created it. We’ve heard Tims recommendations and Chris’s (Growth Surge) yet nothing really from you. Is there any chance you could give us your take on it, such as dietary (I know most of this has been covered but if youve got any other ‘gems’ whilst on anabolics id be really interested in hearing them) and also training, e.g. do you think that twice a day training is necessary or should you just add in more sets etc. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide, i know you’ve already contributed alot on the topic. Thanks. Fortius.

Actually, both Tim’s and Chris’ recommendations either are largely influenced by their discussions with me, or they just happened to think similarly anyhow.

Where I differ from most, but Chris has
been going the same way pretty much, is
that I don’t believe in expecting to make
ongoing gains, with increments adding
up each week. It just doesn’t work that
way. Even 1/2 percent per week is just
absolutely not going to happen year-long
for an advanced trainer. So instead I look
at focused training, within a periodization
scheme, building up from 60% 1RM with fast
negatives where no gains are expected, to
around 75-80% 1RM, or somewhat more
depending on how it works for the individual
but probably not more than 85% 1RM, with emphasized negatives and fairly high volume
when targeting gains. Followed by a couple
of weeks of well-reduced volume, weights staying
up, but back to fast negatives.

And on dietary, Tim and Chris agree with me on that so it’s the same, and as for 2x/day, I do think it’s quite a bit better but if it just can’t be done, the same or probably somewhat fewer
sets in one workout will work.

Thanks Bill.

While we’re on the topic, I was curious about your opinions of nutrition on training days versus rest days. When on Mag-10, should one maintain the same caloric intake and macronutrient ratios as on training days, or should a few hundred calories from carbs and fat be eliminated? Thanks.

I have for some time read Bill Robert’s posts regarding training with much attention and thought. What about a training article, either penned by Bill, or even Chris Shugart since his philosophy is similar according to the recent post. I would love to see how something like this could be laid out, as I’m having trouble putting all the pieces together.


I was thinking the same, whaddaya say Bill, any chance?

Eric, most likely John Berardi’s point
for the natural trainer about adjusting caloric intake according
to whether it’s a training day or not
would make sense on a cycle too, but, if
so it’s probably fine tuning. In a way
it does happen with diets I do for myself
or have done for others, in the form of
extra carbs post workouts.

Maybe a training article wouldn’t be a bad
idea but on the other hand, it’s hard to
get myself to write something that’s all
material I’ve said before. I know that
it’s all scattered in different places,
so it’s useful to have it in one article,
but I find it psychologically hard to do.