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mag 10 to lose fat

I was wandering if anyone had great experience with mag 10 and trying to lose exess bodyfat.

Because Mag-10 packs on muscle soo fast, fat loss is inevidible. Burnin those calories…

As long as your eating pretty clean…you should be gettin lean…

I’ve used a half a dose per day (as recommended by bill roberts and others) and it worked like a charm. i kept all my LBM, and i believe i actually gained a pound over doing mag-10 for 8 weeks. i’ve went from 24% down to 10% in 15 weeks and mag-10 was a tremendous help, along with T2 and MD6… DEFINITELY, I HAD GREAT EXPERIENCE WITH MAG-10 !!!.. a half-dose a day, (about 5ml)… just do it ! :slight_smile:

You can tremendously cut calories and retain lean mass with the use of an anabolic. Yes, I have used the product for this purpose, and am actually during a 2 week cycle right now…I’m eating about 1500 calories a day with a high activity level and have not lost much if any lean mass. I have, however, lost over 1% bf in 5 days.

Podge - Great results! If you had to do it again would you use the 4-AD instead of the Mag-10 for that long of period?