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Mag 10 to Canada

Hey all, what’s the latest on the success of getting Mag 10 shipped to Canada?

Snagged at customs and lost forever the last time I tried to order across the border. Well, that’s what happened to my last order anyway. Of course I live in Alberta and we’re not known for our lenient customs people.


I also lost one Mag-10 order to Cambodian (sorry, I mean Canadian) Customs. Some people have got it OK into Canada, others have it taken, seems to be very hit and miss. I utterly and completely despise some of Canada’s policy on stuff like this. It’s OK to have 10 grams pot for personal use and safe injection sites for junkies; Mag-10 is would help make me a better healthier person for fuck sakes!!! Sorry…needed to vent a bit.

Have someone bring it to you when they travel from US to Canada. I believe it’s called smuggling, but ah, well. shrug

I totally agree that Customs Canada’s policeis are retarded. What about picking it up myslef? It says in the Health Canada info (I found somewhere on the net) that it’s illegal to buy 'roids but not illegal to possess. Wonder if that would fly with the border folks!!! Last time I tried to get stuff in, I ordered from a net-nutition company and got androsol no problem… the pkg said it was cosmetics valued at $4.95.

If you are bringing it in, use pepto bismol bottles. The smell is similar. Why ask for trouble?