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Mag-10 to Canada

Has anyone here found a way of getting Mag-10 in Ontario? I was looking @ Ribtose as I can get it from my local GNC. If anyone has found a way of getting this stuff in Ontario please tell me how

Well If I can get Androsol into Ontario, then I don’t see a problem with MAG 10. And these are 2 very new androgens, there is no way in hell they have them on a banned list. So chances are it will get through.

Check out renegadeNutrition.com . You could order supplements from them and they are in Nova Scotia. The good thing with ordering from a canadian distributor is that you dont have to worry about your stuff coming into the country, cause its already here! They already have Androsol but its not posted on their site., You have to ask them for it. I ordered from them and recieved my shipment withing 4 days.

I’ve ordered mine directly from Biotest as I’ve had no trouble getting Androsol into Canada (Toronto).