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Mag-10 Timing

I read a few post from a search I did and couldn’t find the answer I was looking for. Is there a better or worse time to take MAG-10 Caps if you are only taking it one dose per day?

Read “The MAG-10” plan for success.

It says.

Dan “RTFM” McVicker

I say take them earlier in the day preferably…
three to 4hrs before your w/o. The 4-AD in Mag-10 can give your CNS a bit of an up-tic - something you would want to avoid a night… You’ll probably sleep a lot better!


I am holding the printed version of the Mag-10 plan for success and it say nothing about dosage timing if you plan to only use one dose per day of Mag-10.
Any suggestions?

They said a few times that it doesn’t matter, just take it about the same time every day.

8 to 12 hours later for the second dose.

whoops i re read the post about one serving.i believe biotest recomemends in the morning but i prefer to take it mid afternoon because i workout at night.

I concur with HE-MAN and Joey Z.'s suggestions. You should be working out in the evenings and taking the MAG-10 ~2-4 hrs prior to working out depending on your metabolism.

Ive always wondered about their suggestion to take it on an empty stomach. While trying to gain mass, you should be eating like a midget at a lingerie pagent (sp) so its tough for me to have a time when my stomach IS every empty.

Ive double dosed and take one dose in the morning when my stomach is empty (~5:45am) and the other when I return home from work (~5:15pm). I workout about 7:00 pm.

I always forget to add something…

As you can assume, Biotest probably knows what is best so you should take their recommendation to heart (apparently they say to take a single dose in the morning. I suspect this is the “empty stomach” arguement again), however, I also feel you should do your own experimenting to see how different timing affects you personally.