MAG-10: timing for 2 a day dosing

i’m going to be starting my first mag-10 cycle on monday; i’m finishing up a cutting phase now and am right @ 7% bf. I have never used androgens before, and I want to get optimal results from the product, so i’m considering taking mag-10 twice a day; to be honest, i’m kinda scared about using the product only once a day and not getting maximal results; i’m sure you can understand that i just want to get the most out of my couple hundred bucks. What do you think? Should i go ahead with the 2 a days? or should i just start off with the one day frontload and then continue with once a day since i have never used androgens before? If i go with the one a day, should i take the product about an hour before i hit the gym (which is usually around 5pm)? And if 2 a day is recommended, when should i be taking the dosages? upon awakening and before bed? will this interfere with my sleep patterns if i take it before i go to bed? i was thinking something like 10am and 10pm…i’m basically going to do whatever you tell me to do on this one. Your help is greatly appreciated

Once a day (with double dose on the first
day) is a quite substantial dose that’s
entirely sufficient for most. Unless money
is just no object, I’d stick with that and
change only if not happy after the first week.

And by the way, even if it turns out that
you are someone who does noticeably better
on two doses per day than one, you wouldn’t
be wasting that first week – if you didn’t
grow much that first week but were still on the androgens and training and eating hard,
this will “prime” you for a really outstanding
second week on the double dose. Chances strongly are
however that you’ll decide to stay on the single dose.

The timing of the dose really doesn’t matter
much, but if you want the maximum “rush” for
the workout, and if you’re one of those who get a rush from MAG-10 (but if you’re not that doesn’t affect gains) you’d get the most rush by taking the dose about 10-12 hours before the workout. (It takes time for the carbonate esters to be removed.)

bill, i will do what you have recommended and will keep you posted on my results. looking forward to monday. thank you for you taking time out to help me