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MAG-10 & The Steriod Diet

I haven’t read much, if anything, on the benefits of using MAG-10 while cutting as suggested by The Steriod Diet article. Can you give us your take on this approach and what type of physical results MAG-10 users might achieve on with the diet?

It’s working for me so far…have maintained LBM after two weeks of heavy dieting and lost nearly 2 points off BF percentage (as measured by skin calipers).

Sorry…should also mention though that I am not following the dietary guidelines in the “Steroid Dieting” article, but rather a T-Dawg style diet. Just wanted to let you know the Mag-10 has worked really well for retaining LBM on a heavy cutting diet.

TO SBET - I’m thinking of taking MAG-10 while dieting on the T-Dawg diet. What dose are you taking? Twice or once a day? I’ll also be doing the meltdown training. What workout did you follow?

I frontloaded Mag-10 on day one with two doses, but took one dose on each successive day. As far as lifting goes, give Meltdown or Coach Davies’ program in the newest issue of T-mag a shot. For different reasons I am not doing either one of them at this point, but I plan on trying meltdown in my next cutting phase.

Bump for Bill’s opinion. Thanks.

I heard its best to take only half a dose after the first day. (of course, frontload on day one) Also, Just wondering how much is left of mag after two weeks? is the bottle completely empty or is there a little of the “magical potion” left from a regular cycle?

Any new feedback??