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MAG-10, The Legacy and Drug Tests

A quick question for Cy or anyone else out there :

If I were to do a cycle of MAG-10 after January and get “pee tested” what would MAG-10 show up as? Does anyone know if regular pee tests actually even test for steroids/andros or is it just marijauna and the like.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

I have taken drug tests for two reasons on my life: jobs and life insurance policies.

I never saw the results of the ones for work, but I have see the reports for the insurance policies.

What I recall seeing was results for cocaine testing only. I didn’t see anything in there for pot or steroids of anykind.

Since most of us never have a choice of whether or not to take the test, the best you can do is control the timing.

I am NOT telling you that you will pass a test, where they are looking for andro or anabolic steriods.

But based on what I have seen for a work/insurance policy test, you probably should try to go completely w/o any prohoromones or t-boosters…and just stay on a clean off cycle. This technique won’t pass you on a test for PH or steroids, but it will at least allow your body to normalize in your off-cycle.

The work test I took was strict. I met at a testing center, I was given a cup, and told to go into a bathroom that had no sink or flushing toilet.

But the life insurance test was a joke. The tester came to my house and had me pee in a cup in my own bathroom.

As for testing for PH or steroids specifically, I really can’t help you.

If you mean a regular urine test for a normal job, they usually just test for illicit drugs (cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, barbituates, opiates, etc).

I wouldn’t worry about MAG-10 in this instance. However, I would avoid ephedrine as it can sometimes give a positive for amphetamines, and no poppy seeds either, as it can show up as an opiate.

If you are having one done for some sports regulatory body, then I definitely wouldn’t take MAG-10. You may want to do a site search as see if Cy or anyone has posted what those prohormones are metabolised into and what the clearance time is.

There is no such thing as a “regular” drug test. Different items are tested for depending on the reason and organization giving the test.

Rarely, if ever, do normal companies test for steroid use, however. This is usually limited to athletes.

here’s my take. i played division one lacrosse at the ohio state university and we got drug tested randomly and non-randomly. i used PH’s all through college and my trainer told me that it is very expensive to test for anabolic agents through any test so they do not do it for us. they only did it for baseball, football and track. take it for whats its worth but i assume unless it is a very serious test they probably arent testing for it through a piss test.

[quote]XSG wrote:
A quick question for Cy or anyone else out there :

If I were to do a cycle of MAG-10 after January and get “pee tested” what would MAG-10 show up as? Does anyone know if regular pee tests actually even test for steroids/andros or is it just marijauna and the like.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.[/quote]

Unless you’re an NCAA or professional athlete, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Standard drug tests, even those for convicted criminals on probation don’t include anabolic steroid testing. Unless, of course, the person is on probation because of anabolic steroid possession, distribution, etc.

The reason? Well, it’s far too expensive. It’s not as if you take the person’s urine and stick in a tube and mix it with a reagent and see if it turns colors. There are different tests for different androgens. For testosterone, a measurement of the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio is taken. Beyond that, a combination of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is typically used and this is far from cheap to use. I don’t remember the exact figures, but it was something like $100 or more per run. So, what one must keep in mind is that when they perform GC/MS it’s a matter of looking for a specific parent compound or metabolite thereof. What people don’t realize is that each androgen or metabolite thereof must be looked for. So, if you wanted to look for stanozolol, nandrolone, oxymetholone, and trenbolone, you’re talking about at least 4 different runs, costing $400. Obviously, taking a figure like that and plugging in the amount of people who would be subjected will give you an outrageous figure that just isn’t something most bodies are going to pay for as it would be highly counterproductive.

Amphetamines and so forth are detected via immunoassay, and this is completely different from GC/MS. With immunoassay, as others have alluded to, it creates the potential for cross-reactivity with a given antibody. This is why ephedrine can sometimes cause a false positive for amphetamine use. It’s obviously a much cheaper method and nowhere near as time consuming.

Even in those organizations like the IOC and NFL and such, it’s only a matter of performing GC/MS with a narrow range of androgens which they think guys are most likely to use.

Also, as some more side info for athletes, I forgot to mention that if the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio is being measured then MAG-10 could cause a false positive for testosterone use, which is why I’ve always advised those athletes concerned to simply discontinue use around 2-3 weeks prior to be on the safe side.

Oh and as far as them looking specifically for the compounds in MAG-10, I doubt they have reference standards for them, but it’s possible.

Last, just as an interesting story. I have a friend that works for a very large drug company, which if any company had the resources to catch an employee using androgens, they did. One day he calls me up, obviously in a panicked state. Long story shortened, before he worked for them he had quit all androgen use and weight training and shrunk from 300 lb at 10% BF to 215 lb and probably 15% BF. He begins using androgens and resumes training just after a meeting which is held every six months. Well, at the second meeting of the year, people just happen to notice that he went from his 215 lb build to 280 lb. Everyone at the meeting commented and jokingly asked him what “andro” he was using. Two weeks later, he gets a call from his superior asking that he show up for a “random” drug test. I get the phone call and had to admit it was quite a coincidence to just write off. He was using testosterone cypionate by the way and had just taken 600 mg 3 days prior to the test. I told him to simply state that he’d been taking a dietary supplement which contained 4-androstenedione, 4-androstenediol and DHEA. My reasoning was that even if they did check the T/E ratio, those compounds have been shown to cause false positives by raising the T/E ratio. Well, he didn’t take my advice and decided he’d only use my story if they caught him. What happened? He went in for his urinalysis and never heard a thing about it again.