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MAG-10: The Grand Finale

THanx for the reply. Sad but true I guess.

Just went to a local GNC and check it out for myself. All Andro products were gone. Even Mag-10. Amazing. Didn’t think they would pull them off that fast. Anyway, I’m waiting for Friday. Hope Tim got a cool deal for us.

You can still get andro products at non-chain GNCs meaning, go to one outside a mall or major shopping plaza. The chain GNC’s much like what the vitamin shoppe did for the ephedra ban is willingly pull any products in question to save face and keep away from pending lawsuites

Will the loyal UK members be able to take advantage of the Friday suprize? As not being able to order direct from you has always pissed me off! You are a great company but please support your overseas customers.Most of the time i have to pay twice as much for your products from other rip off firms.


i agree with englishman, mag-10 is not cheap in the UK.

I just want it to be freakin’ friday! What time approximately is this all to go down? 8 am pacific?

If we can get all this worked out right, the announcement will come in Friday’s T-mag update. I’ll post something on the forum too. Just keep in mind things may change. I’m trying to keep everyone updated here on the forum, but the downside of that is things may change on me at any time!

I’ll check on the UK thing too.

What happened to the long term storage info? Perhaps I missed it but last I recall you said you were waiting to hear whether the integrity of the capsules would hold up in the freezer…and for those of us who have bottles that don’t expire till '06, are we better off storing it in the fridge anyway or is keeping it in our apartments just fine?

Long term storage info:

Freeze them. Before starting a cycle, take out as many capsules as you need for that cycle, let them thaw at room temperature and keep the rest stored in the freezer. MAG-10 already has a shelf life of over two years, but freezing will extend that significantly.

Biotest is testing this out now, but the above will likely be the advice given. More info coming in Friday’s update.

Thanks a lot for the reply, it’s greatly appreciated.

“They are widely available. They are cheap,” Volkow told a news conference. “They are highly addictive. They are very toxic.”

Pro hormones? Steroids??? Nope.

Inhalants, from glue to spray-can computer keyboard cleaners, have always been the drug of choice for the younger set, said Dr. Nora Volkow, head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


This just occurred to me…how long are the mag-10 faq and plan for success going to be up? I figured since mag-10 is being pulled, the articles might be as well and if so I’m going to make copies to save and I thought others might want to do the same. It’d be great if they stayed up but I thought biotest might be wary of that with the pending ban…then again you guys do all the steroid articles so perhaps I’m jumping the gun

Jason: They’ve left up the articles for all their other products that were pulled. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Two years off of lifting weights period. Law enforcement officer whom had just purchased 3 superstacks prior to Mag 10 news. How disappointing, especially since I had just completed priming and I am now into the 1st week of growth stage. Speechless Mag 10 is phenominal. With the protein and the rest of the nutritional intake I already, again I say already look and feel huge. Taken muscle memory into consideration I still have never ever rebounded like this after such a long lay off. Absolutley incredible. It’s friday 2am for me right now and I haven’t seen a difference in the superstore for Mag 10? I am afraid that when I go to sleep at 7am I’ll miss out. Again like others have stated I can only imagine Biotest putting out a product that has Mag10 qualities but is Magnified 2-5fold.


Yeah, when is the update usually…I check all day here at work from 8-5 and I usually dont see the update til I get in on monday.

As I wrote above, the news from Biotest about MAG-10 will come today in the regular site update.

The time of the update always varies, but it’s usually mid to late afternoon. At the very latest, it’s been early evening, 6:00 or so, at least in my time zone. Today’s new issue could be a little later because I know some things are still being worked on right now as I type this. In fact, I better get to work!

Hop to it haha, I wanna order some stuff before I leave work at 5pm!

Does the text of the current anti-andro bill under discussion focus on distribution/acquisition only or does is address possession as well?

ONLY distribution/acquisition. The form of Andro that will be taken off the market will not be a CDS and thus, if you have it… YAY, but you couldn’t get it again.