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MAG-10: The Grand Finale

In my last thread I said that something was going to happen on Monday. It did. MAG-10 was removed from our online store.

Is it sold out? Not yet, but quantities are definitely limited. And when they’re gone MAG-10 is gone forever. Regardless of what happens with the FDA and the government, the era of MAG-10 is about to be over.

But something very cool is happening on Friday. Honestly, I had no idea Tim Patterson would go this way. You’re going to want to tune in for Friday’s announcement.

I’m not supposed to be talking about the details, but I will say this: sometime on Friday, MAG-10 - the most powerful legal supplement ever formulated - will return to the T-Nation <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>SuperStore for a grand finale that promises to be pretty jaw-dropping.

let’s see…friday…note to self: go make sure my credit card is paid off by then!!!

Man, Chris, you posted late. They got you guys working overtime? I’m going to stock up. Hope the price didn’t go up. I’ll check Friday. Hey Chris, what’s the exp. date on what’s left of the Mag-10?

Very interesting Chris. I will order, no doubt. Now the challenge is to use the Biotest ingenuity to formulate something like M10…without angering the Gestap…er, our government.

that’s one hell of a teaser… can’t wait till friday.

Let’s see what you guys have got up your sleeves this time :slight_smile:
I have no doubt that eventually you’ll be coming out with a product that will top Mag 10. Just a matter of time.
Looking forward to Friday’s announcement!


This is insane.

Right after payday!!! Whooohooo!!

Its a Buy One Get Ten Free Deal, right? Am I right or am I right? or am I right?


Anyways…hope for the best, thanks again for the heads up and special deals! Look out college payments, bye bye insurance, I need Mag 10!

Having followed some of the Biotest gang from the good old days of Muscle Media 2000 to the present day,i do not think they will let us down now! They set there stall out from the start to not sell us out for a quick profit and tell us like it is. And for that i am most grateful. If i was a betting man i would say that the Biotest team have been working on a new product to even blow MAG 10 out of the water. A great company never stops improving on what it already has.


Looking forward to Friday. Hopefully, it will be Buy Two, Get Two Free or something similar.

I’ve got a good little backstock going, but have been thinking of ordering some more before it’s too late. Seriously, I need to know, should I wait until Friday or order from another online place?

does anyone know if you can order from the t-nation superstore and have it shipped to the UK? i remember someone saying that this was not possible but i just wanted to check. it would be nice to be able to take advantage of any offers that come up in the future.


i heard the jaw dropping announcement was that all the remaining ones are getting shipped to my house

BikeBoy, try WWW.Netrition.Com. I have heard that they ship to the UK.

Now why would Mag-10 be gone regardless with what the FDA and the Jackbooted Thugs say?

Thanks very much Avoids.

The grand finale is a buy 2 and get 2 free deal. You buy 2 and I get 2 free. Don’t I wish.

davo2: Wait until Friday and check out what Tim has planned. If it fits your needs you’ll be glad you waited. If not, I’m sure other retailers will still have some (although I notice many of them are already jacking up the price.) If it makes any difference, when my training partners asked me that same question, I advised them to wait until Friday. (And yes, I give them supps all the time, but nobody is getting my remaining MAG-10!)

Shugs, in the gym, I’ve been telling people about the impending farewell of MAG-10 and the offer to be announced Friday. But I’m getting a lot of skepticism that this law is for real, and their suppliers have assured them that andro products will keep shipping (not MAG-10, just the usual andro suspects). So my gym friends think I’m Chicken Little, warning that the anabolic sky is about to fall.

I counter that, in times like these, you have to look at what the bigger companies are doing. For example, EAS bailed on ephedra about two years before it was prohibited, because they saw the writing on the wall. It’s the big companies that have the deepest pockets, and in a legally threatening environment, they have the most to lose. Fringe companies, on the other hand, will keep pushing. If they’re busted, they just set up shop under another name.

I argue to my friends that Biotest’s pulling of MAG-10 is similar.

They respond, “Why, if the demand for a product goes sky high, does a company lower the price? Why don’t they just let the stock peter out over time?”

I say because they’ve got to get rid of it before it’s illegal. They ask me to point to a deadline. I can’t. I can only show them a congressional bill without a date or time. They say it’ll be months if not more than a year before all that government processing plays out. They also point to other internet supplement providers whose warnings are tepid at best.

Question: does Biotest have a drop-dead date? Is the sword of Damocles hanging over their head? Or are they just playing it very safe, clearing out their stock sooner rather than later?

How can I explain to my friends the urgency of the situation?

Thanks as always for keeping us informed.

Very timely question!

We need to know if the ban is NOW, or coming up later!

There is definitely a drop dead date for MAG-10. When it’s gone, it’s gone. No mystery there.

Is the writing on the wall for all prohormones? Oh yeah. A lot of people were called Chicken Littles when they warned of an ephedra ban too. “Andro” may not be dead yet, but it’s on death row. Those who say no are in denial.

True, some companies may choose to make prosteroids until the FDA comes in physically and grabs everything. Some people around Texas like to play with rattlesnakes too.

Tim Patterson has indeed considered jacking up the price and letting it sell out at a normal pace. Why do anything special or run a sale? Well, to go out with dignity for one thing - to go out on top. Not to piss off the FDA for another. To open the doors for new ideas for yet another. (Very BIG ideas.) And finally to do something uber-cool for loyal MAG-10 fans and T-mag readers.

BTW, I don’t have time to get into it right now, but I notice that many people are getting the anti-andro bills mixed up with the big FDA thing that happened last week. They can yank “andro” without passing a bill. See ephedra ban.