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Guys I got some of the above stuff given to me a while ago but I have never got round to using it.

I would like to use it but I dont know what the best cycle is to take

I have the following:

1 bottle MAG-10

2 bottles of TRIBEX

1 bottle of M

any help would be appreciated

Follow the instructions that came with the MAG-10.

Eat big

For two weeks, take MAG-10
Take 6caps, 2times/day
(if it’s “Destroyer” it’s 5caps, 2x/day)

for the 2 weeks after your cycle, take the TRIBEX and M according to instructions, I’d suggest getting some RED KAT to compliment the TRIBEX for recovery, continue to eat big.

Rinse and repeat.

Thanks for the reply

Gonna start it next week lets hope i make some gains !!!