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Mag 10 tastes like Bubblegum?

When did Mag-10 start tasting like bubblegum?I could drinkl a whole bottle of this stuff the
last time I ordered it it tasted like battery acid.

Tim and Chris said many times the flavor would be improved. Well, they improved it. Tastes like the new Methoxy-7 now, which is pretty darn good.

The bubblegum flavor was so to speak Stage II
in the improvement of MAG-10’s flavor.

It’s a more difficult technical achievment
than might be realized to put 300 mg of prohormones into only 9 mL (so, 33.3 mg/mL) of a mostly aqueous formulation. Getting it to also taste pretty reasonable at the same time took more time than just getting it passable as with the first batches. I would have wished that it had been from the start where it’s at now, and had thought it would be, but I was overestimating the speed of development of the formulation with regard to taste.

Well, you folks at Biotest have done an excellent job with the taste. I was worried at first that maybe I had gone a messed up batch of methoxy in a Mag-10 bottle… then I gained 3lbs :slight_smile: