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mag 10 taste

I sthere anything i can mix the mag 10 with to help me get it down. Thanks

Stop being a SISSY and just drink it. It’s not that bad.

Bill Roberts mentioned diet coke.

you pussy… j/k, kinda…i think Bill Roberts said he used to have diet coke with his, but that was with the original formula. don’t know which formula you have though. peace

I had 6 bottles of the original Mag-10 and thought it tasted pretty good. However I just started a bottle of peppermint 4-AD-EC and don’t care for the taste - brings back bad memories of drinking peppermint schnapps out of the bottle. Didn’t think I’d ever do that again.

By the way, with the current clear formulation, if you add it to liquid
it will “cloud out,” but this does not
affect performance (it must do this in
your stomach anyway.)

Compared to the old formula, I find the new clear Mag-10 has a “toxic chemical” taste that’s much harder to get down. You can get the old formula taste back by diluting it in a few ounces of water.

Schnapps vs. DEATH!

I almost puked my guts out every time I even looked at the old formula. I also had a bad experience with peppermint schnapps, but I will gladly take it compared to the vanilla death of the old formula. I don’t get as bad heartburn with the new formula too. Any chance you can make it taste like the new Methoxy???


It’s remaining peppermint flavor but is being improved.

A difficulty with the clear formulation is that the taste buds most readily by far pick up what is in solution as opposed to
what is in a solid state or an emulsion. If you tasted the MAG-10 powders themselves you’d swear they were completely tasteless,
but in the clear solution the tiniest amounts of off-taste are made plain as day (the plus side of this is that such a formulation is not only very readily tasted, but very readily absorbed.)

man, that new stuff is barfola! I was wondering if someone accidentally filled my new bottles with a cleaning solvent from the machine in production…
good to know it’s a clean product…nice colourless solution… but please bring back the chalk water

is this what 4-AD-EC tastes like??

The gum flavor was a lot better.  Oh well.

Just spray a whole bunch of cinnamon binaca all in your mouth every day and that will help build your tolerance. Heck, just bust the thing open and drink it. After one bottle of that mag-10 will be like childs play.

Yeah, what the fuck happened to the flavor? The last formula tasted pretty good, but the new clear formulation tastes like shit! Is this some Joe Weider shit to trick people into thinking it must work if it tastes bad? WTF?

I don’t know (I’m not involved in the flavoring.) The early samples of the new formulation did not seem worse to me.

Well, on the other hand, I do know somewhat.
Taste is most readily picked up from materials
in solution, as opposed to emulsions, semi-solids, or especially solids.

If you tasted the MAG-10 powders, you’d swear they were tasteless (solid form.) In the emulsion, “off” elements of taste that you couldn’t pick up from the solid, are obvious. In the clear solution this is even moreso. I know there was further refinement of the material as part of going to the clear solution. It could be that for some reason a batch is using material the same as had been used in the emulsion – which would taste far stronger in terms of the off taste. This is not supposed to be and I certainly hope will soon be corrected (I’ve sent an e-mail to Tim about it and he says it has.)