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MAG-10 Talk, Joe Rogan/ Dana White

Anybody here listen to Opie and Anthony? This morning they had Joe Rogan in studio with Dana White on the phone. They were discussing Josh Barnett and his failureof 3 drug tests.

This got them talking abut the positive tests some guys get from everyday products sold in places like GNC.

Rogan says “one time I got this stuff called MAG-10 in GNC. It was fuckin insane. I gained like 10 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks and had superhuman strength. that shit had to have been illegal”

Good shit.

BTW, the show can be heard on XM radio replay free (online) at 3pm eastern. The Rogan/ Dana white interview shoudl come on between 5 and 7.

Joe Rogan is fucking hilarious doing standup.