Mag-10 & T-2

This question is for Bill. I have decided to give Mag-10 a try. If I do 3 2 on, 2 off cycles in a row, would it be ok to use the old T-2 on the off weeks with Tribex and M. My goal is to lose any fat I may gain on the 2 weeks “on”, and, I have a feeling I am not the only Biotest customer with some old T-2 hanging around who wants to use it in the best possible manner.

Sure, absolutely! No problems there. Sounds like a good way to accelerate fat loss in “off” weeks while regaining natural T.

Intersting plan. How severe will you diet between mag-10 cycles? I’d be afraid of losing what I gained if I went too low in calories or carbs so I’d like to hear your plan and your results when you’re finished.