MAG-10 Support Group

Now that MAG-10 has arrived, we wanted to start a dedicated thread for those using it. Feel free to discuss anything here related to MAG-10, including diet, training, cycling ideas, etc.

Will those who haven’t ordered yet get free M or was that just for those smart enough to pre-order?

In Tim’s Mag-10 article this issuse he says: “FREE M! All MAG-10 orders placed before December 31, 2001 will be shipped with a free bottle of M.”

I’m going to give the mag-10/tribex 2 week on 2 week off program a try, for a total of 12 weeks. I’ll be keeping calories very high for the 2 weeks on, but not sure what to do with them for the 2 off, or if I should incorporate more cardio, etc. Any suggestions?

I may have missed it, but is there a verdict on taking Solaray Vitex at the same time as Mag-10? Sort of like a vitamin.

I’m on day 3 now. On day 1 I was 194 lbs. Today I am 195 - that may not mean a thing though, could just be water/food fluctuation. I have 3 bottles of the stuff. What I am going to do is take 2 capfuls/day six days a week. I’m going to abstain on Sunday’s and take M instead. I am going to do this until all 3 bottles are gone, then I will finish up the M. I’ll keep this thread posted regarding my progress.

Post Scriptum: Thanks for the free M, Biotest!

Ok, this seems to have asked a few times already, but I haven’t seen an answer yet. Bill, how do you feel about using Mag-10 in the a.m., and a second dose Androsol in the p.m.? Would they work together, or against each other? Thanks much!

Rucco- Keep calories elevated but not as high as you had them when “on.” Think moderation. In other words, no low carb keto starvation diets in the off weeks. (I like the Fat Fast for short term emergency use, but it’s not appropriate in this case, for example.) So in the off weeks, lower calories a little and add in a little cardio, also in moderation.

Also use the off weeks to facilitate recovery. Bring the training volume down a bit, no forced reps, don’t train to failure etc. Then kick it back up when on again. The Growth Surge articles, parts II and III, cover this in more detail.

Any reason to frontload MAG-10? I’m going to take one dose per day. Would it be helpful to take two the first day?

Within the diet framework Tim Patterson describes (40-50% carbs, 30-40% protein, and 0-30% fat), which one is everyone planning on using? I do better with a lower carb intake normally, and am thinking about using the 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat plan. I’m used to a 45% protein, 35% carb, and 20% fat intake, so hopefully the 5% jump in carbs won’t cause me to add too much fat. I’m especially interested in what those who consider themselves protein and fat types like me intend to use. Any responses would be appreciated. Best of luck to all.

TEK, the purpose of a loading dose is to increase your blood levels to the steady state level. If you don’t use a loading dose, it will take 4 to 8 days to reach this steady state level (about 4 x the half-life). Bill stated earlier that he thinks the half-life will turn out to be 1-2 days. If the half-life is only 1 day, 2 doses the first day will take you to the steady state level. If it’s 2 days, it would take a little longer but still much shorter than 4-8 days. This probably won’t make much of a difference on a 6-8 week cycle, but I would definitely use a loading dose on a short cycle like 2 weeks.

TEK, I am pretty sure that in a previous thread or two Bill mentioned that it might be beneficial to load with 2 doses on your first day.

I will be trying something a little different from the recc program.
When I looked at SSII for the eating plan, and did the calculations, it came out to over 5000 calories/day. No way do I want to spend that much time eating and on the toilet. I will follow 2 on 2 off protocol to the letter otherwise, inc. SS II and SS III workouts. Only difference will be T2 and ECA on off weeks, and 50 sprays Androsol in evenings for on weeks. Diet will be T-Dawg, with protein at ~2gm/lb of BW. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. I think I will see a significant drop in bf% and lean mass gain. I would be interested in hearing from others that are trying to add muscle and lose fat at the same time. Also, does anyone else get a kind of buzz from androsol? I also get this from Mag-10, but it is different.

Thanks guys. I must have missed that thread about frontloading.

Eric, I am the same as you in respect to doing better on a low carb diet, but in this case I tend to disagree. There is a reason why Tim P. recommends such high carbs. The anabolics help transport the carbs to the muscles in a cell- volumizing action. A higher fat diet is great when being natural, but on Mag to maximize your gains you want more carbs. Your body will be able to handle them with the juice flowing. This could be the difference in modest gains compared to outstanding gains. Good luck Bro.

The first time i took Mag-10 i felt a slight buzz for just a little bit, a little tingle under the tongue and that nice burn of the throat on the way down…awell. Its my third day on the stuff, didnt notice any strength difference, infact i felt weaker, i was already on a bulk, but i was really watching my carbs. Im taking Tims advice and ive stepped up my calories even more, do you think all the extra carbs could make me sluggish? Secondly im sore as hell, i didnt do anything different in the gym but man oh man, i did legs on thursay and chest and bi’s friday and im hurtin. I wish i would have known to take a double dose on my first day, i obveously cant afford it everyday, but as a loading thing it sounds like a good idea…by the way when are most of you guys taking it? I think during the week when i lift im going to take it maybe an hour before i lift, and on the weekends when i dont, ill split it up into 2 doses. This sound alright?


Is it OK to use tamoxifen and clomid ? If so, how much and when and for how long? During on or off cycle?

I am prone to gyno, so maybe tamoxifen can be beneficial. I am not sure how to set up a good cycle though.

I greatly appreciate your advice.

Good points. I’m not starting my cycle until the 17th, so I’ll have time to rework it with more carbs. What macronutrient breakdown are you using?

Whoever ask that question for Bill Roberts- If you’re doing a two week cycle, you don’t need drugs. In fact, M and Tribex between shorter, more frequent cycles should be fine.

Eric- I know I can handle carbs better when on steroids. Should be about the same with MAG-10. And I agree with whoever said that you must have carbs for an anabolic mass phase. Very true in my experience.

Hey Paul. Thnx for the comments. I am VERY prone to gyno. This is why i ask Bill for help. Naturally, i have normal low T and medium normal estradiol. I would like to minimize the side effects as much as possible.

Another question for Bill:

1>. How effective is M in blocking and removing estrogen from the body? Is the structure of 3,5,4’-trihydrozystilbene close to diethylstilbesterol?

2>. Calcium-d-glucarate plays role in blocking glucuronidation thus increasing estrogen elimination. Will this interfere with the elimination of the other stuff too (like protodioscin, tamoxifen, clomiphene, or other drugs?

3>. Androst-1-ene has ketone at C-3 position. Don’t you think this will be able to be reduced to OH group? And if ring A on the steroid nucleus became a benzene ring, guess what the resulting structure resembles to…