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MAG-10 Support Group, Version 3.0

Here we go again! Use this thread to discuss MAG-10 results, diet, training, cycling, etc.

If you’re new to MAG-10, we suggest you first read these articles: “The Pro-Steroid Roundtable” - issue #178 at T-mag; “The MAG-10 FAQ” - issue #179; “The MAG-10 Plan for Success” - issue #190. The “Growth Surge Project” articles, issues 182-184, may also be helpful.

The first two MAG-10 Support Group threads have tons of info and can still
be found with the subject search engine here at the forum.

i just recieved 4 more bottles of mag-10 (and a ton of other biotest products, methoxy, T-2, T-2 pro, MD6, M and tribex, enough to get me thru june) and it’s haunting me. i have another week before i can consider taking it again. it sits in my bedroom, taunting me. making me want to take it early ! i stuck it in another bedroom and it still taunts me. how do others cope ? the rest of those supplements stay pretty quiet for the most part. maybe i should do a cycle of Lithium and Prozac.

I’ve experienced significantly better results from the 2 servings per day protocol. Maybe this would be better for larger guys(I’m 220+). I could feel the pumps and see the muscle fullness with 2 servings, but not with the single serving protocol.

I have almost completed my 1st two week cycle of Mag 10…and let me just say, THE SHIT IS AWESOME!!! Within the first 3 days I noticed a definite increase in strength. My mood, energy levels and attitide all changed for the better as well. Feelings of overtraining ceased!!!
As of today, I can honestly say that I have already increased my all-time 1RM in squats and deadlifts. I have been lifting consistantly for 5 years and major strength gains had been rare lately. Not any more. Just yesterday I maxed out squatting with 6 plates (585 lbs) for 1 rep. And that was below parallel, no spot, no wraps. A real, clean, deep rep. Before Mag 10 my best was 505 lbs for 3.

I did not change my diet drastically. I am just making sure to get more protein in my 6 meals. My total calories are between 3,500-4,000/day. I am not certain how much lbm I have gained, but my scale weight has increased 5 lbs (to 205 lbs) and I look leaner.
Mag 10 is the REAL DEAL!!!

Podge did you use 2 doses a day? I’m sorry guys but I’m 5’9 181, I’m 1 day off of Mag ten I know I gained alot of water and 3.5 lb of fat.My protein was at 385-400 grams a day fat intake was at 45 grams and carbs were from 400-425. I used 9ml a day after frontloading on day 1. I lifted 2 x a day for 5 days a week. Pretty disapointed so far. I mean I dropped 200 dollars. Oh well i have two bottles left, plan on subbing in calories from MCT’s and essential fats for some carbs next go round and using 2 x a day.I guess I’m not gonna hit that 20lb of muscle mark ay?Just my results…Mike

I’ve added about 14 pounds in two cycles, one dose a day plus frontloading. Hardly any of it is fat, maybe a pound or two. I’ve been lifting for 9-10 years so I’m really amazed. These aren’t beginner’s gains. No other supplement has worked like this. BTW, diet was fairly normal but I did bump up protein to 350-400 grams per day and ate plenty of good carbos. Using Meltdown now to trim up for summer. Will do MAG-10 again in a few weeks on a super strict diet to really shred.

Question: When dieting with mag-10 should we eat mostly protein and carbs and keep fat low as with bulking? I usually lower carbs and up fat when cutting. Maybe Bill could help out with this one?

I got fairly good results from MAG10, but not spectacular. I added 5 pounds in 3 weeks of use, ate 6000+ calories per day and trained intensly. I guess that was good gains but I was kinda hoping for more. What do you think I was doing wrong?

I have done two cycles of mag 10 and have gone from 152 to 168 and have gained virtually no body fat!

And I am mostly vegetarian! I did find it hard at time to eat as much as required, but it paid off, my waist line has remained the same through 16 lbs of gains

The pumps and strength gains have been amazing, I really hate to have to get off of the stuff, but it is on to a two week cycle of M and Tribex before starting another round of Mag 10. What will these guys come up with next?

I’ve had Mag-10 since November. Haven’t used it yet. Anyways, in previous posts many have said Massive Eating wouldn’t be optimal w/ Mag-10 because it was designed for natural body builders. But JB’s stats on two subjects who’ve used ME w/ Mag (as reported in this week’s BTS column) may say otherwise. What does everyone think? Btw Mike M, you didn’t exactly lose $200. Biotest has a money back guarentee, remember?

What can u expect to gain/lose when using mag-10 on a maintenance diet? Anyone did this w/o cardio? Please tell bout results…

Mike, I’ve only done one cycle so far. for 4 weeks. the first two weeks was with one dose a day. The next two weeks were two doses a day, (no front loading anywhere). my first two weeks i was a little dissappointed, that’s why i opt for 2 more weeks of two doses/day. and that made all the difference in the world !!.. i believe you said you’ve done one week of one dose a day, with not much results if at all. same as me. Since you have two more bottles left, i’d suggest two a day doses for the next two weeks, and change what you think you should for dieting. don’t get frustrated yet with just one week of one dose. just bust your ass like usual and keep eating like you have been for the next couple of weeks, and I seriously think you’ll make some serious progress. I’m a big guy myself, and i’ve went from 250 to 258 in those 3 weeks, and i believe i’ve lost some fat. the only thing i check to see if i’d lost fat is my cheap-ass skin calipers, and i check that area by my hip. i went from 18mm to 10mm… not very scientific, but shows some improvement. Just keep with it bud, and let me know how it goes. I’ll be interested to hear back from you !!

I asked this once before…but it sat sadly by itself without an answer. Is Mag-10 sufficiently anaolic to offset the use of 60-100 mcg of T3 a day during cutting? Or perhaps even more?

is it me or did biotest get the methoxy 7 flavor (not flavone) into the Mag-10?? I have a supply of 12 bottles and opened one of the latest ones I received and I swear it tasts like bubble gum!

IF so Nice going guys!!!

Being a 56 yr old powerlifter, I’m wondering if there is anything to be gained (strength or beautywise)to using MAG10 since I’m also using 1ml t-cypionate(prescription)every 10 days? Any help?

Thanks for your help. I actully did a 2 week cycle though. Hopefully my gains will pick up with 2x dosing. If not i’ll be gettin 200 dollars back at least. I’ll keep everyone updated

I too did the once a day, with the 400 prot and 400+ carbs, and got more fat than muscle as a result. I was thinking of maybe keeping the carbs lower, and doing a 4 week cycle, or 1/2 dose a day. Any thoughts? I love all the other biotest stuff, but yeah, $200 is a lot of money to gain a pound or two of lean weight.

This question is for Bill Roberts: How do Proscar and MAG 10 interact? Can they both be taken together? Would you recommend it taking the two together?

I could not find the answer in previous posts.

Thanks for your help

Just reporting my results. Frontloaded with 2 doses on day 1 and then stuck with one dose for the rest of the two weeks. Gained 12lbs lean body mass, lost one pound body fat. I look visually thicker, leaner and more filled out. Body weight was up from 197 to 208 and I averaged slightly less than a pound a day of body weight gained. I set up to do 2 lifting workouts a day, 4 days a week. Didn’t exactly work out that way. I got in 15 workouts sometimes with 2 in a day. I averaged 325g PRO, 545g CHO, 86g FAT and 4230 calories a day. I ate mostly clean foods, but took a few liberties here and there and also had to rely on Weight gainers to get my calories up (used both Champion Heavyweight Gainer 900 and Prolab N-Large). I am very happy. I’m back to slightly above maintenance calories and using tribex for 2 weeks and then hitting another cycle of MAG-10 after those two weeks. I’ll keep the forum posted with how well I maintain the gains.

Definitely keep us posted on how well you maintain your gains. I’ve done two cycle already; I lost a lot after the first, and considerably less after the second (learned my lesson). Just some suggestions from my own experience: avoid cardio the first week after finishing the cyle. Just do whatever you can to keep the weight on (sounds like you know this from your plan to keep calories slightly higher). You’ll probably still have a 2-3 lb. drop due to glycogen loss, though. As strange as it sounds, I also found it helpful to keep volume up while still incorporating at least 4 heavy sets per bodypart. I can only guess that it was a matter of using what it took to build the muscle to keep it on. Then again, I respond better to higher volume, so make your own call. I’m very curious about how your gains are maintained in light of your obvious knowledge in the areas of training and diet. Good luck.

Case, when dieting for rapid fat loss and
using a good dose of androgens, my observation
is that protein intake beyond 1 gram per
lb LBM isn’t worth the calories. Or for
the same calories, more carbs and/or fat
will give you better results than more
protein past that amount.

Fat can still be held low while dieting,
but EFA’s and DHA/EPA are still a good thing.

Akicita, yes, you can use that amount
of T3 with pharmaceutical steroids and
still have good muscle mass retention,
so I’d expect the same with MAG-10.

And Cosmo, finasteride (Proscar or Propecia)
is irrelevant to 4-AD or A1-E, since neither
is metabolized by the 5alpha-reductase enzyme.

T levels are in the normal range on a MAG-10
cycle, and the finasteride will still have
its normal effect there of decreasing conversion of T to DHT, so it will be of some benefit.