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Mag-10 SUCKS!!!


Just weighed today - finished up a 2 week cyle of mag-10 (6caps 2xday). I didnt’ think anything was amiss until I stepped on the scales. I gained 6 pounds.

I gained 6 pounds and my energy intake is around 1500Kcal/day.

I gained six pounds on Mag-10 while trying to cut. I know - I’m saying that alot. But that’s not all…

I used my accu-trac calipers to test my BF% and I went from 16% to 14.3%

What does that mean? I gained 6 pounds on the scale, but in just 2 weeks on a Mag-10 cycle I gained 9.63 pounds of LBM!!!

This may not be a huge deal to some folks out there - but I’ve never bought anything that worked like it was hyped up to. There is no hype w/mag-10 - the shit just works.

Oh yeah - it’s not just for you young farts, either. I turn 40 in six months.