Mag-10 strength training

What’s the best strength training routine while on Mag-10? Cannot workout twice per day.

Whatever routine works best for you will probably also be the best while using Mag-10.

By “strength training routine” do you mean that getting strong is your primary goal? Or is getting bigger your primary goal?

Generally speaking, anabolics allow you to train with more volume and more frequency. Of course, much depends on what you’re doing now. Guys like Ian King would suggest not increasing the volume of work when “on” because he says most people are overtraining to begin with.

You don’t have to train twice per day to make great gains. Most people don’t. But you can probably do more sets or have more frequent workouts or use more things like forced reps, slow negatives, drop sets etc. without overtraining while on MAG-10.

Just some general tips. Much depends on other variables (diet, experience, lifestyle etc.)


IF getting is your primary goal, will you still gain the 10 lbm like you’re supposed to?

What I had in mind was a 6 day routine working each muscle group every three days while on a two week cycle of Mag-10. I can handle a 5x5 type routine for each excerise. I’d like to gain 20 lbs within this two weeks. I plan on increasing my diet 800-1000 cal per day.

20 lbs, with only 800-100 increase? you better increase it 2000-3000 for 20 lbs sir.