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Mag-10, Steroids?

Hi, Im very curious about Mag-10. Right now Im doing the German Body Comp program, and after about 2 months of that, I plan on putting on some mass. Mag-10 seems to be it. But is it steroids? Please, someone tell me why I would take this as opposed to anything else on the market. I mean, I wanna take it, but if its gonna screw me up when I get older, theres no way. I went on some Metabo-life stuff at GNC like about 9 months ago, and it made me crazy. I was twitchy and all sorts of stuff. I dont want this to do the same, although I know its only a 2 week thing. And if I took it, what else could I take with it to be maximal for what I do. I assume most of this stuff has beem asked before, if so, just point me to the threads.

Please you guys, let me know whats up. Does this stuff make you crazy? What should I do? I have the money for it, and Im a 21 year old college studeny who had been lifting for about a year.

P.S. I live in Japan, can I get the stuff shipped here? If you want a picture, I can certainly supply one. Keep in mind, Ive got some fat to lose first. Hell, Ill post the picture later anyways, just so you all get a feel for what Im working with.

MAG-10 is a legal anabolic, a muscle builder, a pro-hormone that’s safe if you cycle it. Sound like you took a fat burner before with stimulants like ephedra. Totally different type of supplement than prohormones.

To learn about all this, read the articles in T-mag or at this site’s superstore. Just type Mag-10 into the search engine and several articles will pop up.

Yeah bro, do some reading…

Personally, I’d stay away from Mag-10 until you’re ready to build some mass…



Read up for another few years and take advantage of the newbie gains you should be able to accheive. Then start to consider prohormone use. If their still around that is.


Simple rule of thumb: if you have to ask others what a supplement is or does, or how it differs from other supplements, odds are you’re not advanced enough to profit from it. Focus right now on clean eating, lifting hard and heavy, getting enough sleep, and learning as much about training and nutrition as possible. After 2-3 years of this, you’ll be in a much better position to evaluate which, if any, supplements you should take to further progress toward your goals. Note: for this, I don’t consider protein powder, essential oils, or a multivitamin/multimineral to be supplements. These are food.

I believe that “Metabo-life” crap you’re talking about is a useless weight loss product they sell at grocery and department stores(right next to the Dr. Phil bars), so don’t worry about Mag-10 amping you up.