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MAG-10 Starting Phase

Hey everyone. This is my first day taking the Mag-10, so I thought it would be helpful if I told you a little about myself. I am 33 years old, 6’1 and 223 lbs with around 16% bodyfat. I have been working out since the age of 14 (or maybe younger, I just remember this age really well). I hesitated about posting my before measurements (because they suck), but I thought it may be helpful in showing what kind of true gains (or losses) that I may experience. My measurements are as follows (in inchesand not pumped): ARMS: 17", CALVES: 16 5/8", CHEST: 45", LEGS: 23". Not very good for someone that is 6’1 but hopefully that will change.

I will be using a modified HST workout which consists of a full body workout (1 exercise per bodypart, 1-2 sets per exercise) three days a week. I will also be varing the resistance each workout (either heavier or lighter).

My diet will, hopefully, consist of around 300 grams of protein, 400-500 grams of carbohydrates and 90-100 grams of fat. The only other supplement that I will be using during this 8 week phase, will be protein powders.

One more thing that is of major importance in how well the Mag-10 will work for me is that I have a very, very poor reovery system. No, I don't mean that I don't make gains very well, I just don't recovery from workouts very quickly. I can workout at 80-90% of my limits and it can take anywhere from 2-4 days for my nervous system to recovery so that I can feal at least a little normal. I can't take ephedrine or caffeine the day after a workout or it will prolong my recovery. I really have never met anyone with a weaker recovery system than I have and believe me it is not something to brag about.

This is one reason that I was very excited to try the Mag-10 Challenge. Thanks again to Biotest, Bill Roberts and Meso-RX in letting me participate in this challenge. I am also going to try and post my results each week.


Hey Ron, I had the same recovery problem esp when I would work out large muscle groups like legs, but I discovered it wasn’t the workout. It was the frequency and followup. I have naturally large and solid legs, so I didn’t want to work them out as much as my torso. Once a month seemed fine, but I would always work to the max when I did it. It was tough to even think for a week afterward. I increased the frequency to 1x/week and I began to recover in a few days. I now do an hour of cardio on my off days which makes my recovery almost complete within a day. I still feel sore 2 days after the workout, but the cardio made a major difference. When I miss the cardio after a leg workout(like I did this week), I’m back to too much soreness and feeling unmotivated to do anything.