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mag-10 stack

I’m new to the site and am interested in trying either the Mag-10 or Androsol that are rather highly praised. My question is, what would be the best stack with which product to gain the most weight/mass. I’m 22 years old, 155 lbs., 5’11". Any experienced information would be appreciated.

I’m 22 years old, 155 lbs., 5’11"

The first thing you need to do is get your diet in order. You need to eat more, a lot more, than you are now, or you’re not going to make any gains at all, no matter what kind of supp or prohormone you take.

Take a look at the FAQ and start reading the diet articles.

Good luck.

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Androsol hasn’t been made in a couple of years. It was basically replaced by MAG-10, which is a stack of two prohormones/prosteroids. Androsol was 4-AD and MAG-10 contains 4-AD-EC plus another ingredient, so you wouldn’t stack them even if you could get a hold of Androsol.

The main thing you need with MAG-10 is a good workout and food. If you have trouble getting in enough protein, consider an MRP like Classic Grow!. Other than that, there’s no reason to stack anything with it, although creatine, ZMA etc wouldn’t hurt. (You would not want to use Tribex or M though, as those are better to use after a MAG-10 cycle.)

See the article called “Project Evolution” at T-mag. Sounds like you and this guy are in the same boat so you may want to follow his workout and diet. Other articles to read would be the MAG-10 FAQ and the MAG-10 Plan for Success.

I’ve also been wondering about this, and doing some reading.

Biotest recommends cycling the product with Tribex 500 and M to facilitate endicrine recovery.

I’m also gonna go on a course soon. I plan to do exactly what is mentioned in the MAG 10 FAQ I plan to stack the MAG-10 with:

Myo-Stat to promote hyperplasia.
L-Glutamine to boost recovery and growhth hormone.
Creatine for shits and giggles.
Saw Palmetto extract to inhibit DHT.
Propecia (Finasteride) which I’m on already to inhibit DHT.
An Ephedrine-Caffeine-Gingko Biloba stack at moderate dosage on heavy workout days to deal with the fat.
Water so my kidneys don’t die on me.
Essentiale (B Vit Liver tonic) + multivits to support my liver.

I’m also looking at Methoxy-7 or something along those lines to increase nitrogen retention… but I don’t know if it’ll help. Any advice on this would be sincerely appreciated.

thanks guys----char-dawg; i’ve got a good diet ready to go. Took a short cycle of test last year with a huge diet and gain 14 lbs in 2 weeks, retained about 7 lbs lbm. I haven’t been able to work out much in a while due to a hockey injury and have lost everything i gained then. I’m ready to start lifting and eating again then try the MAG-10 in about 2 months when my strength and health is back up.

My point was that at your age and weight you don’t need to do anything but eat more. You don’t need MAG-10 or anything else yet. Just more food.

Can you post a page from your diet log? I’ll prove it to you.

You don’t NEED Mag-10… but don’t let him tell you it won’t help. You didn’t ask any questions about training and nutrition, so I won’t assume you’re ignorant regarding these things.

Char-Dawg------here is an average day from my food log as far as carbs, calories and protein intake go. Generally the same foods from day to day with the exception of fish which i usually have instead of chicken twice. Usually Mahi-Mahi: 14oz 336 cal; 0 carbs; 73g protein.

Meal 1:
bagel w/cream cheese 240; 31; 7
oatmeal 405 cal; 58g carbs; 19g protein
cran rasp juice 160; 40; 0
isopure w/milk 240; 13; 40

Meal 2:
Cran rasp juice 160; 40; 0
8oz chicken breast 220; 0; 44
3oz noodles 315; 63; 10
milk 120; 12; 8

Meal 3:
12oz chicken 330; 0; 66
calavaseta soup 100; 32; 0
cran rasp juice 160; 40; 0
milk 120; 12; 8

Meal 4:
10oz steak (sirloin) 875; 0 75
7oz bajed potato w/ cheese 250; 55; 6
1 oz peanuts 160; 6; 7

this does not include extras like spaghetti sauce, butter, BBQ sauce etc.
I also take these minerals/vitamins/supps every day:
Flax seed oil (5 caps/day)
multivitamin (1/day)
Fiber caps (2/day)

how about adding 2-3 more meals?