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Mag-10 stack

Hey y’all have any of you tried Biotest’s Mag-10/M/Tribex 500 stack? How’d it go for ya? Thanks for any help. I want to take this stack to get bigger and harder.

I have been searching the web site for the same info. and haven’t come up with any rec. stacking plan. One publication advises 14 days of Mag-10 followed by 14 days of M + Tribex.

Guys it would be redundant to take Mag-10 and Tribex together. Take the tribex following your mag-10 cycle to kick start your natural T production. The only thing you need to take with mag-10 is lots of food and for me 2 gms. of protien per pound of lbm.

Hey, I just finished the first Mag-10 cycle and I gained 6 pounds. Im ready to start the Tribex and M. That mag really does work…im all pumped up at the gym and the weights just keep going up. Good luck with it man, just eat big and take in that protein and youll do fine. I was stuck at 185 for a bit and now im up to 192 thanks mag-10.

Peter V, use the search engine at the left-hand side of the screen. Type in Mag-10 (with the hyphen) and change T-Forum to T-Mag. The Mag-10 Plan for Success should be the first item on the list.

Ironman, I’d recommend you do the same, only search the forum. It’s a commonly asked question. Results will be everything you hoped for if you eat big and work out hard. The Mag-10 Plan for Success will provide you with the details you need to get maximum results.

Does anyone know where I can find the mag-10 suppport group? It’s suppsed to be in this section but I can’t find it.