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Mag-10&sperm count

Bill,I’m planning a cycle of Mag-10 after a serious cutting cycle.However,my wife and I are planning to try for our seccond child around the same time. I need to know if Mag-10 can negatively affect my sperm count.If it does,How long would it take for this to happen, and how much time would I need to recover? This is really important to me.I need to have my troops ready to deploy when they are needed.Thanks in advance for a thurough answer.It means a lot to know you guys are there for us. Bill/T-MAG/BIOTEST ROCK!

There’s specific data in an article (or likely, more than one) on the use of testosterone injections to suppress sperm count. I don’t have an exact recollection but it takes months for it to become effective, and the same should be true for MAG-10.

I would think that recovery of sperm count should be slow, as sperm development is actually quite a slow process, about 10 weeks I think.

Now, if MAG-10 is cycled as recommended, there should be no problem.

Thanks man, You Rule.