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Mag-10/skinny bastard diet

I am the boy that is 6’1" and weighing in at around 165. My question is the following should i use mag-10 or foloow the skinny bastard diet i am in total confusion to what i should use and or just follow could you please point me in a direction where i can start (also consider i am just about to turn 17) in case that has to do anything with it at all?!

Thanks a ton!!!,

What you need to do first is start logging calories. I know it is a pain in the ass, but a lot of the people that complain that they “can’t gain” weight and “eat all the time” is simply that complaining. Most of them don’t eat 6x a day and sometimes actually do eat a lot one day, but you can be sure that the next day their calorie intake is similar to a Jew during the holocaust. So, eat 6x a day, log you calories (and don’t worry about getting every single gram counted, it’s nearly impossible) and make sure that your training is adauate. Also, try looking at the FAQ part of this website.

You’re very young and just starting. It’s way to early to consider androgens. Don’t fall victim to the lure of just swallowing something to get big. It won’t happen. Apply your money to quality food and protein supplements, and gym membership. Apply yourself to establishing effective dietary and training habits. Once you do this, with the good information available in the FAQ section of this website, your frame will fill out fast.