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MAG-10: Simply Amazing Stuff


I have a story I wanted to share with regards to how wonderful MAG-10 and its casein hydrolosate is. It concerns one of my aging in-laws who has been really degrading over the years mostly due to an interesting issue with digestion: he doesn't seem to be able to digest food that well and it was getting worse. And the foods of issue are mostly proteins and fats, not necessarily carbs. HCL and digestive enzymes have helped a little, but not that much.

He's been put on a special diet from his doctor, and to my disgruntlement, it is mostly carb centric. So, because CH (casein hydrolosate) is supposed to require almost no digestion before getting those all important aminos into the bloodstream, I decided to let him try some MAG-10. Doctor was OK with this (hell, I was going to do it anyways), and so the experiment began about a month ago.

The difference in my uncle in law's health, mood, and energy are up 1000% after 4 weeks. It is unbelievable. I for one (well, alright, the whole family) are overjoyed. He has ZERO digestion issues when taking MAG-10 and the old cuss loves the orange flavor and the "tartness" of the supplement. He drinks 2 servers a day, that's it...but it has simply changed his life around.

This has me thinking, perhaps MAG-10 (more specifically, the CH)should be used during any time of digestive compromise be it when you're sick (and simply not wanting to eat), etc. Also, the amount we lifters eat, there are times when we are simply overloading our digestive systems....perhaps giving the digestive system a break every once in awhile is a good idea. But now we can do this without compromising getting aminos to our tissues!

MAG-10, great stuff.


MAG-10 is one of the few supplements I would truly say has changed how I eat all day long and my results. I go through about a gallon a day on low carb days but this is the first time I ever got as heavy as I did this year with this level of muscle mass.

I am not a "supplement whore" either.


I think it's awesome as well. This and Pepto Pro. I don't think I'll ever go back to using regular protein again around my workouts. I love the pulse-fasting and am very pleased with the results I'm seeing. And a lot of people are noticing a big difference as well.

MAG-10/CH really is a game changer.



When you say a gallon, how many scoops/ tubs are you talking about a day?


I use about two scoops per quart meaning there are usually 8 scoops in a gallon.



Very damn cool to hear. I always find myself explaining exactly what CH is (people have an irresistible need to ask wehn you carry around a giant jug of colored liquid every day -lol), but here's some non-bodybuilding support for it's use, truly taking advantage of the actual state of the protein presented.

Have you spoken to the doctor about the results your family has seen? I'm curious if he'd welcome them, or be hesitant like so many 'old school' MD's seem to be IME.



That's really interesting; thanks for posting.

I just recently had some health issues and drugs to treat them that just KILLED my gut. First, an antibiotic for an infection left me with stomach pain. Then I needed an emergency drug treatment that harms the lining of the GI tract, among other things...and for the pain, ibuprofen 800 mg every 8 hours for a couple weeks, and vicodin (which caused extreme constipation).

A few times during my illness, I reached for Surge Workout Fuel. It seemed kind of funny to use something marketed for "elite athletes" (which I am not, even when healthy), but I needed the electrolytes and easy-on-the-gut carbs. Maybe Gatorade would have done as well, but I didn't have any on hand. I also used the Metabolic Drive Muscle Formula shake when my stomach couldn't tolerate any solid food. I had bought the ANACONDA Protocol 2 a while ago when there was a sale, but haven't been ready to do the whole protocol yet, so I do have the other products.

I never thought of using the MAG-10 to recover from this illness, but maybe it would help my gut and immune system recover. I have a bit of a peptic ulcer now, which I'm treating with Pepto Bismol and have ordered some glutamine, but it won't arrive till the end of the week.


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I too have noticed some fantastic changes to my physique since slowly switching over to using predominantly MAG-10 as my protein drink source.

It is interesting, in my thinking, muscle building is generally broken down into 4 general things (please forgive the length here; I'm in a writing mood this evening it seems):

  1. Loading the muscle
  2. Getting amino acids into the bloodstream
  3. Getting amino acids from the bloodstream into the cell
  4. Getting the cell to manufacture muscle

Training is obviously the stimulus that loads the muscle (1).
Adequate digestion from a healthy digestive system will get aminos into the bloodstream (2).
Insulin will get the aminos into the cell (3).
Testosterone will make the cell transform those aminos into a bigger, stronger cell (4).

Inadequate balance of these 4 things will lead to suboptimal muscle building in my opinion. I think one of the biggest issues with some folks is #2, of which I think MAG-10 really offers somewhat of a holy grail here. Heck, with Leucine, MAG-10 handles #3 as well. Many muscle builders focus so much on #4, and getting above average testosterone levels...which is a great goal in itself, but it can only work within the confines of the the other steps as well.

I haven't used anabolics for years now, but if I still was, I would be very very interested to see if MAG-10 + anabolics really equate to a muscle building efficiency that I think it would be.

And...I am a supplement whore. :slight_smile:
But I'm a food whore too.


I think alot of what the bodybuilding/powerlifting/strength athlete world has to offer in terms of performance enhancement translates wonderfully into the general health world.....and vice versa.

Take the topic of anabolic steroids...when used in therapeutic dosages, they can be some life saving and quality of life changers for many many people.

In exactly the same vein, something like MAG-10 can benefit many....it sure has benefited my uncle (in law).

I have not spoken with the doctor directly...my wife and her side of the family typically have been handling the doctor's visits, etc. I do plan on going in with them soon to discuss the results here. I know the doctor has not stopped him from taking the MAG-10 and I do know the doc is pleasantly surprised at my uncle's rather abrupt turnaround. I'll be sure to fill you all in as the story progresses. After all, it has only been a month...I think more time is needed to see if things are really that much better. So far so good though.

Thanks for asking Stu.


It is for good people like you that I wanted to share this story. There's alot of potential for the great products Biotest is coming out with, and not all of it has to center on physique enhancement only...though that is the primary goal of pretty much most people who come on here.

I say try out the MAG-10, but be wary about how your particular stomach takes to it. I think most people will have no problems at all, but one can never be too careful!

I wish you the best in your recovery. Let us know if you decide to do this and feed us some info! The more info we have, the better.


Much appreciated Chush. Thankyou.


I just purchased my first tub of MAG-10. i'm curious to see if it lives up to the hype. i've researched and used tons of supplements, most of which (besides the essentials BCAA, Creatine, Fish Oil, Multi, Whey/Casein, Waxy Maize) have not left me satisfied with the results. I have been training hard to cut for the summer, because I put on 35 pounds this year at college from lifting heavy and eating heavy. I'm not cutting just to look good for the ladies, but I play college lacrosse at a high level and as a midfielder would benefit much more from being in the 8-10% bodyfat range, while keeping my mass and strength up. Do you think MAG-10, pulse fasts, pulse feasts and all of the supposed benefits will help me athletically, especially if i am training cardio/weights/sport specific every day? What are your thoughts and experiences?