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Mag 10 / Short Cycle

Hey there gang. Just another quickie. I cut my cycle length on Tribex 500/M down to 9 days instead of 14, and now back on the Mag 10. Is there any problem with this or not. Surley 9 days will be enough on the Trib/M? I just miss my Mag 10 and the Pumps i got :slight_smile: Back on it again today and my workout was insane again…god, i love this stuff…Can you arrange for it to come through taps please ? Hot tap, cold tap and Mag 10 tap in my kitchen would be ace :slight_smile:

Sure, I’ve done 2 on / 1 off and done fine.
It’s just that over longer periods of time,
that’s too high a percentage of time to be “on” I think unless having the very last pound of LBM genuinely is of critical importance, and also you could expect accumulating testicular atrophy with that low a percentage of time “off.” But so far as having a single cycle have only 9 days off instead of 14, no big deal. :slight_smile: