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Mag-10 Shelf Life

I know this has been talked about over and over, but couldn’t find the answer in the archives…what is the shelf life of Mag-10, and under what circumstances should it be put in the freezer (remember Bill talking about this)?

There’s never been a problem with it but
to be safe I’d think that if it’s a matter
of many months, I’d refrigerate it.

Does this apply to Methoxy-7, too? Or any other of Biotest’s liquid supplements for that fact (androsol, nandrosol, etc.)

It applies to the liquid formulated products.
The powders or capsules, I wouldn’t bother
refrigerating unless planning on keeping more
than say a year (assuming normal room temperature.) With some of them even that might
be much sooner than necessary, but it’s
a conservative guess.

Androsol and Nandrosol, I’d make less of
a point of but would still prefer refrigerating or freezing if keeping for
quite some time. (If 4-AD oxidizes, all
that should happin is getting a mix of small amounts of testosterone, androstenedione, or 3b-hydroxyandrost-4-ene-17-one, an unusual prohormone; and analogously for nor-4-AD.)