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mag-10 shelf life

I was curious what, exactly, the shelf-life of mag-10 would be. I know the bottle says something along the lines of 2004 but I was curious if chemical decomposition would occur to a degree as to impact the performance of the product within a shorter time. Anybody know?

Note: I received mine in early December, but haven’t quite gotten around to taking a cycle.

I suppose this same question would apply for Tribex and M as well…

I believe Bill said 2 years aslong as it’s in a cool dry place. For M and Tribex I don’t know. :slight_smile:

well, Bill Roberts around or something? I wanna hear it from the horse’s mouth :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure that many months at room temperature is fine. If you are talking about stockpiling
and keeping for years, the freezer would
be the place to keep it just to be certain.

To: Bill …hi Bill does the same applies to Androsol? Can i really stockpile on Mag-10 or Androsol and keep it in the freezer for many years? If so, how is that possible?

alright…i suppose the question becomes, at room temperature, will there be any chance that mag-10 could lose its potency by the summer? cause i may not use these bottles until then…should i put these in the freezer?

Play it safe. Put them in the refrigerator.

MAG-10 at room temperature to the summer, to use your example, is no problem. The same for Androsol. These are pretty stable compounds.