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MAG-10 Shake Color?


So today was my first MAG-10 pulse. Cherry flavor. Doesn't taste as bad But. It definitly did not look like cherry coolaid like it does in the picture. So I have to ask. Does it sopose to look like that? Cuz my didn't. It looks like really thick pinkish protien shake. Not too concerned but woul like to know if I'm doing it right.


It's probably the Power Drive.


The color difference may just be the result of different amounts of MAG-10 and the Intensified Liquid Flavoring.

In general, you'll want to use a capful of Intensified Liquid Flavoring for every scoop of MAG-10. If you got a pale pink, you may have used more MAG-10 or water and less Intensified Liquid Flavoring.

If you're adding Power Drive, then the color will definitely be cloudier. Assuming you're doing the Pulse Fast, some of the pictures you saw contain MAG-10 without the Power Drive. If you want your drink to look pretty, like it does in the pictures, you can mix your Power Drive in a separate container of water and drink it by itself.

Hope that helps!


Why does everyone keep saying cherry? Is there a new flavour?





There is no cherry. The OP probably meant berry.


Ahh I see. Thanks fellas. Sorry London runner! I did mean berry! Lol

I'm about to finish my first bottle. Almost due for my 3:00 o clock swig and not feeling to hungry, but will see how the rest of the night goes. And as far as effects, I dont feel diffrent nor hot like I read as far as a thermo effect, but I haven't worked out yet so. We'll see