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MAG-10, round two

I have taken a “cycle” of Mag-10 previously, about 6 months ago. At the time I had made the newbie mistake of neglecting diet. I worked out, and worked out and worked out, and took protein, but didn’t eat right, nor close to enough to grow. I have now begun to eat right, and eat big, and I’m on Swolecat’s program. If I take 12 pills daily for two weeks, how kickarse should this stuff work?


SwoleCat’s programs have plenty of protein (I’m on one now too) so you should get and benefits the pro-hormones provide.

I am currently in a cutting cycle and was going to have a Mag10 cycle in 8 weeks or so.

Good luck!

With your diet in line your gains should be much better than your previous cycle.

How much exactly no one will be able to answer that.

I would like to add one more thing to this. I would like to stress the upping of the carb intake and minimal fats while on. I have tried both methods and while each gave about the same amount of gains. The cycle that I took the advice of the Growth Surge and ate large amounts of carbs and limited fat intake there was much less fat gains.

The other cycle I did I simply kept with the same type of diet with P+C, and P+F combos and just upped the kcals. As I said gains were good but there was some fat gain also. This latest cycle I used the same amount of kcals but replaced the fats with carbs. The turn out was the same as far as LBM goes but fat gain was near nil.

Just remember to get in your fish/flax oils and limit the rest of your fat intake to as low as possible. Cram in the protein (2 x LBM)and carbs, bust your ass in the gym, rest and grow.

Two a days are also a great option while using Mag 10. I found that my greatest benefit from the Mag 10 was incredible recovery. Easily being able to hit the gym twice a day for two weeks. Not saying I wasn’t sore but I had the ability to still hit it hard for the two week cycle.

Good Luck,

Keep us posted on the results.

It will work like it should. C’mon dude. What do you want, “you’ll gain 40 pounds on muscles!”? Just do it and you should see nice gains. It’’ be better than last time if your diet is dialed in

I’m all for carbs but I’m becoming a believer in targeted carbs along with the correct supplements (even when bulking).

Based on research I have done in the past on low-carb diets, not only do they seem to be beneficial for fat loss, they seem to place the body in a condition that is optimal for anabolic activity with the correct stimulus.

From what I understand, optimal insulin sensitivity happens as the body is beginning to enter ketosis. I have seen some research that would suggest there are 2 “types” of ketosis; “Type 1” is entered over the course of a couple of days when carbs have been restricted, and “Type 2” is induced during exercise and immediately following exercise when carb intake has been scrutinized and targeted around training. I feel one of the main reasons why proper post-workout nutrition works so well is because it is targeting the latter form of “ketosis”; the type that occurs due to intense exercise.

Based on my own recent experience with targeting carbs around exercise (and keeping them relatively high, at the correct times) has been phenominal. I have noticed a definite increase in muscle mass. I have also noticed lower bodyfat. I am on a “cutting” diet, but I have added mass. I am currently documenting my experience because after 1 month I have noticed something very profound happening with my own body. My before pictures (which start today) are 1 month in. I intend to go for another 8 weeks and take some “after” photos, and continue for as long as it takes to get to my goal.

My diet for most of the day (post cardio, moderate intensity for 30-45 minutes) consists of 4 P+F meals. Usually lean protein and some flax, some fish oil, and occasionally some olive oil to mix things up. I keep my carbs as close to 0 as possible. I drink water all day along with this.

Before my workout, I take in about 100 cals of carbs (I got this from Duchaine, a suggestion he made to enhance the effect of the Friday “grand depletion workout”). This could be some fruit, sometimes I’ll chew some bubble gum, etc. I just make sure I get some sugar pre-workout to slightly raise blood sugar levels. Aside from providing some glucose for energy (considering I haven’t had carbs since the previous post-workout regimen), I believe this to have a hormonal effect. I believe that it lowers ketones in my system, raises glucose, and after the onslaught of my workout, causes my body to enter “post-workout ketosis”. At this point, my body is in the optimal condition for glucose and amino uptake shocking the body into recovery.

I take R-ALA and then take my Surge. I also take CLA (I take this throughout the day). I drink my diluted post-workout drink (I add a vitamin/mineral/amino powder for grins) over the course of about 30 minutes. The slower intake is to make sure I don’t bog my digestive system down with excessive calories; I want this stuff ramjetted into my system at full speed. This is based on articles about sports drinks and why they are diluted. After my post-workout shake (delicious!), I chill for a while and about 20-30 minutes later I start to get ravenously hungry again. This is when I take in some chicken breast with a fairly good size helping of brown rice (or your favorite complex carb of choice). I take R-ALA with this as well.

With this protocol, I have lost fat and gained muscle. My energy levels are fantastic, I am never hungry when I shouldn’t be, and my workouts are as good if not better than before. Continuing on this program, I expect to start losing fat at a faster rate.

Considering you are not trying to lose fat, but bulk, clearly you might want to add another hefty carb meal. I guess what I want to convey here is I am making some really good progress and I am not on any kind of pro-hormone, or the juice. This is happening naturally. I wonder if this same type of routine would work great on a pro-hormone like Mag10, simply exaggerating the results I am currently getting. This is really just food for thought. I think I might try this with my Mag10 cycle in a couple of months.

The last time I did Mag10, I was eating a lot of carbs all day and the pumps I was getting in the gym were phenominal. I might be up for a little experimenting here to see what happens using a dietary approach based on targeting carbohydrates around exercise when taking a pro-hormone.