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MAG-10 Results

Did my 2 week MAG-10 cycle, and I have to say i am pleased with the results. I put on 12 lbs of mass, and very little fat gain. ( still can fit a 32 pant). After cycle, I weighed 202. and now of couse I am PCTing…but the very next day afterward, i pissed more than I would on any given day. Is that water I was holding.?

Now its my 2nd week of PCT, and I have dropped 4 lbs. During the cylce I ate 4000 cals, 200 grams protein, ect. but dropped down to about 3000 now. I did have some back pain, in fact last 3 days were brutal on lower back. so a quesiton is this… to keep the size and not lose any lbs, I have to keep the cals up to 4000 dont I? I will cycle again in Jan, and there are alot of things i will do differently…but any feed back is appreciated.


Yea, keep your diet the same for a week or two post cycle. Then slowly start lowering it. Everyone’s different, but that works well for me. Oh yea, of course use Alpha Male for the first couple weeks off.