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Mag-10 Results

First 2 week cycle on Mag-10 (12 caps per day) following the Growth Surge Project Stage 2 (TO THE T):

Day 1: Muscle Mass = 108.9 lbs.
Body Fat = 29.4%

Day 14: Muscle Mass = 116.4 lbs.
Body Fat = 26.00%

Results: Muscle Mass = 7.5 lbs Gain
Body Fat = 3.4% Decrease

I don’t know if this sounds good to anyone else, but to me it’s GREAT!!! I look a hell of a lot better already and my strength gains are not shabby either.

Bench = 50 lbs increase
Squat = 90 lbs increase
Bicep Curl = 15 lbs increase

I started my cycle of Tribex (8 Caps per day) and M (3 Caps per day) on day 15. I will post the results from this in 14 days.

I am not sucking up but I must thank Biotest for not only having a great product but also outlining in great detail diet, workout and supplementation.

Glad to see you lost some “bad” weight, but why did you do a bulking cycle at 29% BF?

I’m sorry if this sounds insulting. It definitely has the possiblity to sound that way but are you a male or a female? If you are a male then how tall are you and how old? How long have you been training? If you’re a female then why are you taking Mag10?

I second that MR, no insults intended.

you CANT take mag-10 if your a female buddy.

If my math is correct you went from 154.3 to 157.3 gaining 7.5lbs of LBM and losing 4.5lbs of fat?

Guys try checking out a person’s past posts before asking stupid ?'s BTW good job guru those are some respectable results. Are you going to run the tribex+m and then have another go at the mag-10? Might I suggest t-dawg 2.0 hot-rox and german body comp. in between mag-10 cycles. If you are as focused as you claim/seem to be you should be amazed with the results.

OK wideguy or is that wiseguy? I looked at his past post and they are all questions about steroid cycles. Unless this guy (or girl) is 4’10", it seems that he needs to get his diet in order and work out for a while before using androgens.

Wiseguy ehhh why I oughta! J/K

I agree with the holding off on the androgens and apparently so does guru which is what he’s taken the mag-10, smart move. With that being said, it would seem as though his diet is in order considering the gains he made so I think he’s on the right track.

Why did you decide to do 12/caps per day when 6/day is recommended?

double dosing

The bottle says you can take one or two serving per day. Two servings is twelve capsules.

Anyway, what gave everyone the impression this person was female? Did I miss something?

You put 50 lb on bench and 90 lb on squat in 2 weeks? Yeah, right. Unless you’re an untrained girlscout who’d never seen a squat rack before, that’s impossible.

Higher BF% with a very low body weight. I also got the impression that it might be a woman posting, no insult intended.

This is bullshit. Go look at his past posts… all in the steroid forum. Also, his bio lists him at 195lbs.

Damn… and I was hoping we had a midget body builder on the forum.

Panda-HAHAH that is hilarious dude

Here’s a thought fellas:

I’m 5’3", I weigh 149lbs and have about 15% BF now after a few weeks of Massive Eating. My LBM is about 127, depending on how accurate my BF measurements are (Digital AccuMeasure).

That means this guy is 6 inches taller and has about 10lbs LBM LESS than I do AFTER a MAG-10 cycle?

Shit, I ain’t that big guys! I hope to high heaven he ain’t that small, either. But, in all fairness, there is a guy at work who is also about 5’ 9" and is a thin rail who has made some decent strength gains…from an 85lb max bench to about 145lb in about 5 months. He said he was 135lbs before he started working out, but he didn’t have any noticable fat on him. Just bones and enough skelatal muscle to move his skinny ass around. He’s 153lbs now.

So…maybe he’s genuine. But weak. Very weak, hence the 50lb bench improvement.


Oh, Panda…you do have a midget BB on the forum. Me. (sob!)


I just thought I would share my success so that others might be able to understand the program and the supplements work. I guess I was wrong for the most part. The majority of individuals within this forum seem to just want to discredit and shoot down other peoples success. I have received some great advice from others on the site and I thank them for all their help. To answer as many questions as I can recall read on.

I am a male, 195 lbs was my starting weight when I joined the site. I am 25 years old. I attribute some of my lifting gains to a better mental attitude during the program than I previously had. Maybe the results sound outlandish but they are combined results of proper diet, supplementation and placing myself in the right mental state. I had more confidence in my strength than I had before.

I am interested in anabolics and I have been considering them as an option down the road again. I am trying to get the advice of experienced and well informed individuals in the forum. I believe educating myself before jumping in could help me see better gains this time around.

I took 12 caps because the option was given on the bottle and I figured I might as well give it everything I could. I also took Creatine, MRP’s, Protein, Multi-Vitamins, Fish Oils and Flax Oil.

I have been training on and off for about 2 years. I am not huge nor a seasoned veteran. I have focused mainly on form and battling some health problems during that time. My body fat has risen quickly on me because of a hypo-thyroid which has since been corrected. I have dropped quite a bit of weight since the Dr. figured out the problem. I was excited to get back into the gym and starting to hit things hard. Sorry I am not the pinnacle of fitness, I am trying to get there though.

Yes, I am following up with 2 weeks on Tribex (8 caps daily) and M (3 Caps Daily). I am following Growth Surge Project Stage 3 during this time.

The reason I chose a bulking cycle while at 29% body fat is because in doing some research (Med-line and other resources and studies) I found that it is statistcally easier to experience muscle gains with a higher BF than it is to drop BF and then try to get gains. The other reason is that I figured if I put on a few extra pounds of BF during the cycle no big deal the extra muscle will increase my metabolism in the long run. The other reason is I already looked like shit at 29% BF so what difference would a litle more make at that point. Luckily things went in the right direction.

As for those trying to do the math concerning my body composition here are the details:


Bone Lbs. : 5.67
Hydration : 51.7% @ 102.8 lbs
Body Fat : 29.40% (11% +Avg.)
Muscle : 108.9 (17 lbs -Avg.)


Bone Lbs. : 5.87
Hydration : 54.2% @ 110 lbs
Body Fat : 26.00% (7.6% +Avg.)
Muscle : 116.4 (12 lbs -Avg.)

If you want my diet info let me know and I will e-mail the spreadsheet with the schedule, products, carb/pro/fat/cal breakdown and calculated targets based upon Massive Eating.

Any other questions I haven’t answered let me know and I will be happy to respond.