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Mag-10 results

Hey men of T - I just finished my first bottle of Mag-10. Loved it. Used the recommended dosage of 1.5 per day in the morning. Went from 192 to 200 ibs. in two weeks. Bodyfat stayed the same at 13%. I feel I put a little on around the middle. My strength soared on this stuff. Up nearly 5% on the bench 1X max. and on pretty much every excercise I made significant gain. My muscle actually feels hard compared to two weeks ago, while resting. I am 40 and have been training for over 20 yrs. I followed the massive eating plan and worked out once per day. I did trim carbs back in week two to slow down the fat gain. It worked and I still experienced weight and muscle gain. Love this stuff. Going on Tribex for two weeks and then my second bottle of MAg-10. Loved it - Hedo