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Mag-10 Results

Hey Guys- Been using Mag-10 for a week. My first cycle with it. Up about 5ibs. so far. 190 to 195. I am eating a lot of food and following the protocol. Strength and endurance are way up. Muscle, particularly in the upper body is pumped. Only drawback is I am putting some wieght on in the middle (love handles). Thinking about going to a T-dawg diet after the cycle is up. Want to go to go back on Tribex when through with the Mag-10. Thoughts or comments?? (side benefit - I am chasing my T -Vixen around the bedroom at least twice a day. I’m 40 and haven’t had that level of libido since I was…well at least since I was 39!) Thoughts or comments on the T-Dawg diet following up on a Mag-10 cycle? Currently am 195ibs. 12%bf and using HST - Thanks

I would suggest following a maintenance diet with respectable carbohydrate intake for at least 2-3 weeks post Mag-10 to help maintain gains. I have always noticed that I keep mass much better when I slowly come off a bulking cycle.

Slow transitions seem to work best for optimal results and avoiding rebound effect, for both retention of mass and keeping fat off after a diet.

Another thing you may want to consider is switching to a strength based program post cycle. Perhaps do a full 4 week cycle of the 5s microcycle in your HST routine. Hope this helps.

Hedo - What part of the HST cycle are you taking mag-10, 10’s or 5’s ??

Thanks John. Always looked for you posts. They are always well though out and make sense to me

hedo, I’m happy I could help, and I appreciate the compliment; thank you.

I recently completed 2 weeks of Mag 10 and had similiar experience. 44 years old, went 170 to 176 with caliper readings only changing around the waist. Added 5/8" to arms and 1" to chest/back. Followed the 2 a day training protocol recommended in the mag 10 faq and am currently doing the recommended post cycle training on maintanance calories, 2,500. Strength and edurance way up as well. My question is this, is the added girth around the waist (went from 34" to 35") a necessary evil or should I look to cut back next time on calories? I was consuming 300 g protien, healthy carbs and fats about equal for total calorie intake of 3,000. I’m thinking next time more carbs and less fat.

Mikeh- I am in the 10’s of HST. D was thinking along the same lines. My protien is up to about 375gms. It is actually difficult to eat that much food and if I see another protien shake I’m going to puke. I’m going to see what I net out after this cycle and how long it takes to shed the belly fat. Am very happy with the muscular development and strength to date. This Mag-10 - 4ad promotion looks good and timely for me. Take Care

When I did the Mag-10 cycle, I maintained cal at 2700. I did 300 g protein, 300 g carb, and 60 to 100 g healthy fat (mono and poly). I gained 8 pounds and lost 3% bf (went from 181 to 189-190, 9.5 to 6.5). Just my luck of the draw? Can’t say, but those are my numbers.

keep the progress reports coming. i am 49 & considering mag-10, just want to see your results & side effects first.

i am in a bulking phase & I always gain too much around the waist.

good luck & keep the info coming.

dkurk, generally there will be a little fat gain, and it’s best just to focus on your gains in terms of LBM and then diet off the fat later. It is a bit unfortunate, but for those of us with average genetics, it’s the price we pay.

Congratulations on your gains, and keep it up. Hope this helps.

Dkurk, on the one hand for some individuals
androgens can thicken muscular waist size
with no fat gain. But that is ordinarily
from more extensive use, and doesn’t give
an impression of larger waist since muscular
size increases elsewhere are greater. In your case it’s confusing because your arm and
chest measurement increases are more than would be usually expected for a 6 lb weight gain if it were pure muscle gain, so it sounds very plausible that your 6 pounds did not include fat gain, and furthermore you
also had good strength increases which implies good muscle gain; while on the other hand,
a one inch waist increase could be consistent with gaining 6 pounds of fat and no muscle whatsoever.

It’s very easy to be inconsistent in waist measurement method and find a one inch or larger “difference” where the only real difference is posture, tape placement, or
tape tightness… is this possible?

The waist measurement was puzzling to me as well. Here’s more info to add to the confusion. My waist measurement increased (I’m pretty good on reading the tape the same way every time) but the caliper readings did not. The reading between my hip and lower rib (forget what it’s called) stayed at 9 mm. The reading 1" next to my navel stayed at 18 mm. This is my first time using an androgen like Mag 10 and I’ve only been lifting again for 16 months (lifted in my 20’s but have been mainly a runner since). My initial thought was that maybe my waist had grown due to muscle growth like my arms and chest. Although following the workout recommended in the Mag 10 faq I didn’t even focus on abs. Thoughts?

Some do have significant increases in muscular waist sizes on androgens, but an inch in two weeks would be unusually fast,
certainly not the usual. And also, while
it may just be that it happens but I didn’t
know of it, the cases I know of (with
pharmaceutical androgens) were with guys
who had unusually small waists to begin with, which basically became normalized with androgen use.

What are the results of the “how do the
pants fit” test? Are pants that were
just slightly snug in the waist before,
now genuinely too tight? If so that would
confirm the increase – if not, it suggests
that the apparent increase is an error. I hope it doesn’t sound as if I’m suggesting incompetence: I remember getting completely screwed up making that mistake myself, finally remembering how I actually had been doing it as opposed to the way I thought I had been doing at and thought I was doing the same. So I know it’s easy to do.

If it’s not an error, hopefully there’s room
for substantial fat loss thus bringing the measurement down again. I’d be disappointed feeling stuck with this increase, but I’d think you’re not. :slight_smile:

A comment about the fat gains while on MAG-10: I’ve done two cycles of MAG-10 so far, and got very different results from each. The first was great - 9 pounds of muscle with virtually no fat increase in less than two weeks. The second wasn’t so good - again, nine pounds (I upped my cals by the same amount) but this time almost four of it was fat.

As we get older (and I’m 40 too), I think it becomes increasingly easy to put fat on, even if you’re an ectomorph. Thus, it becomes that much more important to eat CLEANLY. My first cycle I had my diet wired; the second it was much looser.

I’m about to go back on again, and you can bet that it’s going to be only very wholesome foods for the next two weeks. Not to say that you can’t eat a lot of carbs - of course you should. But make sure that they’re GOOD carbs, not pizza!

Bill, thanks for the follow up suggestion on the pant snugness test. Honestly, I haven’t noticed my pants any tighter. I’ll be starting my second Mag 10 cycle next Monday and will make sure and monitor my measurments more accurately. I also plan to eat more carbs and less fat as has been suggested while keeping protien at 300g. And yes, as you commented, I was very happy with my experience with Mag 10. The increase in strength, finally getting to 15" on my arms (won’t be happy until I see 16"), two a day workouts with no recovery issues, generally feeling on top of my game, what’s not to like?

Dkurk, glad to hear that you’re not noticing
pants being snugger. That strongly suggests
that you didn’t get any actual worsening
in proportions in the waist.

I was confused a little bit by your saying
that I’d commented that you were happy with your results – I’d gathered that you were but hadn’t thought I’d said so – but then
I saw that what I wrote was ambiguous.

I’d written,

"I’d be disappointed feeling stuck with this increase, but I’d think you’re not. :slight_smile: "

Certainly that could be read as you did, but what I’d meant wasn that I’d think you aren’t stuck with an unfortunate
increase in waist size.

Glad to hear you were happy, and that the pants are fitting OK!