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MAG-10 results

So what are peoples results with mag-10??? Im interested in trying it out and would like to hear some feed back about it.

Tried Mag-10 for 2 weeks.
Increased my calories from 2500 to 4000.
Gained 13 pounds (increased to 213) and increased all lifts by about 10%.
You feel like you’re superman and keep
pushing the limits.
As a result, I damaged my shoulder
and have been out for 2 months.
I did hang on to 10 of the 13 pounds though.
Only 1 side effect.
Horny all the time.
Poor wife, very sore by the time the
two weeks was over.

Mike, Mag-10 ROCKS! Be sure to do a search on T-Mag and T-Forum, both. You’ll get plenty of testimonials. And before you spend the bucks, make sure you read the Mag-10 Plan for Success.

It works.

Yeah, Mag-10 works. I could not get enough to eat when I was on it…I probably consumed about 5500 cal a day. I agree with SkinnyJerry though, horny all the time. The wife loved it though.

Tampa??? have you tried Mag 10?? Just curious.
:slight_smile: Groove

No, Grooveless, unfortunately, Mag-10’s not recommended for women. I have worked with men, though, who have used it, and I have seen the results. I repeat, Mag-10 Rocks!!! (grin) I do have to admit that I’m just a tad jealous, though.

I trained, prepared meals, ate, cleaned up, trained, prepared meals, ate, cleaned up over and over again for 2 weeks. 6000 cal a day, 400 grams protein, 7 meals, 4 hours of sleep. Results? 13 pounds, 7 of them LBM. Did I say 4 hours of sleep? Yep, that’s all I seemed to manage. My metabolism went sky high, my heart raced, I had so much indigestion I had to stop mid-set to pass gas or risk shitting myself on more than one occassion. I remember doing t-bar rows… oh, sorry, I’ll save that story for another time.

Ok, so I liked the product, but it sure would have been nice to get a little more sleep, but how can I tell you how pleased I was to gain so much muscle with so little time for recovery?