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MAG-10 Results

Well, I didn’t have faith that mag-10 would be worth anything. I couldn’t imagine wanting to spend 35 bucks a week to be on it (the buy 2 get 1 free thing). Anyway, 2 weeks of it, at one dose a day, and a double dose front load = 11 pounds gained. I estimate about 3 of it from fat, 4 of water, which makes for about 4 pounds of muscle. PRETTY DAMN GOOD. And the best part of all, a supplement i can ACTUALLY use. Previous all andros, including topicals would give me gyno in like 4 days of use. Anyway, great product!

4 lbs. of water? 3 lbs. of fat? What did you eat pizza and chips every meal? Seriously, if you were eating healthy and you gained 11 lbs. it should be more like 7 lbs. muscle, 3 lbs. glycogen, water, etc., 1 lb. fat.