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Mag 10 results in...

I’m completing 3 weeks of Mag 10 at 1.5 doses/day. The first week I ate big (for me and my schedule–3200+/day), but the last two weeks, I just ate normal (with some attention to protein). I’ve gained 8 pounds or so.

This is pretty amazing, if you ask me. My diet was subpar, my training was exceptional, and this stuff just made me gain muscle. Extraordinary pumps, a little strength, and no fat gain at all.

Stay well…
Now about 6<200

Thanks for posting your results. I was looking for someone to do this. I’m going to start a cycle during my bulking phase in February. Let me know of any other experiences and opinions you have about Mag-10. Thanks!

I wonder how much I would’ve gained had I put in the attention I should have to eating big…so eat as much as you can!


Are you going to stay on Mag-10 for a couple more weeks or go off of it? Are you going to take Tribex 500 when you go off of it?

I’m done with it for now. I did a three week cycle, 1.5 doses/day. I’ll take a bit of a break and maybe go back on after the holidays when the $ is more plentiful…
I don’t plan to take Tribex or M afterward. I just don’t want to spend the dough. I may try Tribex on its own at another time to see if I notice any T effects. I’ve used FUZU, which I thought was similar to Tribex, but all it did was make my piss and sweat smell like syrup…

Give Mag 10 a shot, but make sure you take it when you can plan for it and execute that plan.


Brian, if you do a search you’ll find more info and testamonials concerning MAG-10 than you can shake a stick at.

Also, if you use MAG-10 or any other androgen, it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to take Tribex or some other recovery agent afterwards.

Don’t be dumb about your usage…