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MAG-10 results and off week T-2 question

I just finished my two week mag 10 cycle with great results. I gauge gains in the scale and what I look like so I dont have LBM stats or caliper results…anyway… I starter at 185 with my holiday 10 pound gain. I immediatly droped 7, and then over the two week period gained 6 back. Visually the six pounds ended up on my shoulders, arms, chest and back, just where I hoped! I gained in two weeks with MAG-10 what it took three months to do last year and way too many tubs of phosphagen HP! I dosed once a day for the first week and bumped to two a day for the last week. It’s a great product!

My question: Is there any reason, like negative product interaction or just bad timing, why I should not use the two weeks off to burn fat with T-2 and MD-6 then start another MAG-10 cycle? I am taking M and Tribex as directed.

Thanks in advance!

The problem is that at least with pharmaceutical steroid cycles, I’ve found
that it’s very important to keep calories
up to maintenance through at least the
first “off” week, else retention of gains
is not as good. It’s also important by
the way to keep weights up rather than
dropping down immediately to something light
like 60% 1RM.

I’d be interested to hear from MAG-10 users
who may not have followed this advice and instead went straight into dieting. MAG-10 has behaved in an unexpected way in that sometimes actual substantial gains have been occurring in the first off week. (I suppose this may be due to 4-AD-EC still in the system.)

I still expect that the “general rule” concerning not dieting in the first off week applies, but, learning the experiences of those who may have violated that rule might teach us all something (either that the rule still holds with MAG-10, or perhaps may be bent with MAG-10.)

I am sorry to beat a dead horse here, but all this talk about 400g protein and 500g carbs and Tim Patterson suggesting massive eating, I got a bit confused. You can flame me or ignore me if you want…Ok, so massive eating is NOT GOOD while ON. Now, this has probably been asked in the MAG10 support group thread but has not been answered at the time I am writing:
is 400g of protein and 500g carbs the suggestion for all or just the average 200 poung guy. Should we be following the 2xbodyweight formula for protein and the 2.5xbodyweight for carbs with little fat while on?
Additionally, if we are supposed to keep calories at maintenance a week off MAG10 can we truly diet(go to 70% of maintenance for example, with MD6 or T2 or maybe even T3) the following week?
Thanks, should you decide to answer this…

Massive Eating is good while on, just use all P + C meals. Bill beleives strongly that it’s better to have mostly carb and protein in your meals while using MAG-10 or steroids.

Thanks for the response Bill. I kept my food intake high this week and my lifting as well. I did add T2 to my tribex and M. Next week I’ll drop the carbs down add an EC stack product and see what happens.

By the way my the Mag-10 works so well that on my first week, (I play racquet ball three mornings a week then lift, my normal routine) my right arm and shoulder were a bit bigger and noticably stronger than the left! No rone sided cardio next time!

thanks again