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Mag-10 Questions


Well, I just finished a cycle of Mag-10 and I put on a nice 8 lbs of LBM. I think I might have gained more had I managed to eat more. I've learned for next time that I'm going to have to rely more on shakes and less on real food. . . Anyway, I've got two questions for the more knowledgeable:

1) Which way am I more likely to gain the most mass?
a) Double dosing Mag-10 for two weeks.
b) Four weeks at a single dose?

2) How supressive is Mag-10?
I read that Goldberg did a 6 week cycle and I was considering something similar. . . perhaps a 6-8 week continuous cycle followed by Tribex. How do we think that would work? Would it be very bad? Should I do this with 4-AD-EC instead? Will the results be similar?




Why would you want to rely more on shakes and less on real food?


I would prefer the two phases of single dosing if i had to choose, with a methoxy/tribex phase in between to harden up prior to jumping back on the fun stuff.
I think Chris, he means getting the massive amount of calories can be hard if reling on food so shakes can help on huge cal requirements. Maybe. Personally i alternate food then shake when eating large (mag10 stylz)


im currently doing a long cycle with 4adec and have gained about 11 lbs.


I am glad you asked that question because I was curious too. I am midway through my first "cycle" (twice a day) and am just starting to feel a difference. With a week left, I hope to see a few more lbs. Next time I may try the 4 weeks at one dose a day.




Try real food shakes. Make smoothies with eggs, coconut oil, berries, etc. you can add some protein powder to this, but don't use JUST protein powder. i have an easy time getting 1k calories from one shake. lots of good stuff in them, too. just add two of these a day at least and you got an additional 2k calories. and it's not all just from protein powder, either.


I got the best results from 8 week double dosing cycles. I didn't start to feel any gains at single dosing until the middle of the second week, so what was the point of stopping when I was just starting to see results. I didn't use any post cycle recovery supps,(for some unknown reason I get bad reactions from Tribex) and I recovered fine with no noticable shutdown, and I'm an old fart. I would guess I retained half of my lbm gains which I was very happy with.


By the way I also have to use shakes because I can't digest that many calories in food alone when bulking.


So the general consensus is one dose/day or two? I'm asking because I have a couple of bottles on the way and I'd (obviously) like to get the most out of it.


"I didn't start to feel any gains at single dosing until the middle of the second week, so what was the point of stopping when I was just starting to see results."

-as,this is what I'm wondering

Big Willie Style, same here. Any suggestions?


I'll throw another one out there for all the MAG-10 vets...

I was considering splitting the recommended dosage...one-half dose twice/day, to always 'keep' some in the system. I'm a small-fry, so I'm thinking I might not need the full dose in one shot, and someone in another thread mentioned that he had seen success with half-dosages.

This is just an idea, but I have to make up my mind by Monday...thats my start day.

Also, if I decide to stick with the once-a-day dose, should that be in the morning? Afternoon? I intend on doing split workouts 4x week...7am & 5pm. Another reason I was considering splitting the dosage.

Anyone have experience with this split dosage idea?




what about post-workout mag-10? I dunno, but i thought i'd toss the idea out there.


One of the reasons for two-week cycles is to minimize natural T suppression and to keep gains.

Of course a longer cycle would increase gains but it also increases the risk of a limp noodle and loss of a larger percentage of gained mass.

IMO in the case a of a longer PH cycle, a steroid type post cycle therapy of clomid, nolva, etc. should be considered.


Mag-10 has a reasonable half life so post workout is really of no extra benefit.
As for two half serves per day, i personally dont see any probs with that especially if you are of a smaller frame(if you are using the old liquid)it may be a pain in the ass trying to measure it out..).
However if you are just skinny then learn to train and eat before jumpimg into the fun stuff, but you prob knew that anyway..


For tryin2getbig, the reason they say to do 2 week cycles is to mininmize surpression and to recover quicker. I don't give a shit about either. I've been working out for 25 years so the single dosing 2 week protocol is barely going to put 3 lbs on me. I did way better with 2 a day dosing for several weeks. And like I said, I recovered fine with no noticable surpression.


You are going to get better gains from any androgen on longer cycles. I think Thunder reco's longer cycles 4+ weeks followed by M, Red Kat or Tribex.


I would go with 2 doses per day. It worked well in both 2 week and a 6 week "cycle" (at least for me). I tried 1 dose per day when I started my 6 week cycle but then I switched to 2 per day by the day 5. I didn't think 1 dose per day worked as well for me.


Anyone here try OVT on their Mag-10 cycle? That's the program I'm leaning toward trying. I've tried it clean (a couple months ago) and I loved it. Intense. As far as the extra calories, I too will probably rely more on shakes than food. Just plain easier to figure out and tweak.


One more question:

I have 2 bottles on the way. According to my calculations, I could do 2/day doses for 14 days, or once/day for 27 days. Has anyone tried once/day AND twice/day? If so, what were your results for each? If there is no sig. difference, I'm thinking that once/day for 27 days might be a better plan than twice for 14 days. Any thoughts guys? BTW, I do have the tribex and 'M' for recovery, no matter what cycle I choose. And just to help matters a little more, I'll load up on creatine throughout the cycle as well. I plan to do the cycle over my vacation so I can get lots of sleep and lots of time for training.