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Mag-10 questions

In about two weeks I’m planning on starting my first Mag-10 cycle. My first question is regarding front-loading. Is there any need to front load Mag-10? Right now my plan is to train for two weeks on a low volume, medium intensity regime and then, when I start to take Mag-10, switch over to higher volume, high intensity training regime. Would it be best if started taking Mag-10 on my first training day of high volume, high intensity training or would it be better if I took Mag-10 first the day before my first training day on high intensity, high volume? Thanks in advance for the advice. Mike

Yes, take two doses the first day.

I found with Mag-10 starting on my first training day that I would be very sore for a couple of days. Once that soreness had gone I would not get sore again until the cycle finished. For that reason I would say take it the day/night before so that it’s up an running in your system ready for your first heavy workout. I’m sure the avoidance of soreness and the strength loss that goes with it would be more beneficial than losing 12 or 24hours off then end of a cycle