MAG-10 Questions

Hi, I just recieved my first cycle of MAG-10 and after looking through the archives was left with a couple questions. 1. Is it absorbed more efficiently when taking it with food, or is this a non-issue. 2. Also when ending my cycle is it beneficial to take a 2-3 day rest period before hitting the weights?


As a guess absorption with food may be a little better.

The rest days depends somewhat on your
training split. If you’re training bodyparts
only once per week, then adding in another 3 days would make it 10 days between workouts. This is too long (in my opinion) for the upper body though it can work well for the lower body. What I would do instead is do brief workouts, still with heavy weight, of only set per exercise, not trying for a final rep if your estimation is it would be extremely hard, and no emphasis on the negatives. Sort of an “active rest” that
will maintain strength or even show an