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Mag 10 questions

Hey I just ordered two bottles of Mag 10 and Tribex 500, Im planning on 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and using the Growth surge stage 2 and 3 training cycle. I do not care about gaining any fat because I am very skinny and I am just wondering if I could extend the cylce to 3 weeks of surge 2 and 1 week of surge three(would this be more effective for gaining mass then 2 weeks and 2 weeks???). My other question is that I havent worked out for a couple months but I am in excellent shape because of my work and sports, and I’ve hit the gym once in a while, do I need to work out for a couple weeks before mag 10 to get prepared?? Id rather just start right away but is it better to prepare my body? Thnx for your time.

If planning on only one cycle, then it
would be better to break yourself back into
training first. If planning on several
cycles and with fastest possible results,
then I’d start the MAG-10 right away, with
the first week’s workouts being pretty modest,
like 10 sets total per workout, probably with
only half the weight that you previously
used for 5 reps, and do only 7 reps, not
to failure. And build up from there.