Mag-10 questions for Bill Roberts

 Bill, is there anything else you can tell us about Mag-10?  What are some results of the people that have tried it? Besides muscle gain, would there be any other side effects. What would happen if women took it?  If you need a guinea pig, I am ready!  I already ordered 2 bottle and got one free.  


I’m sorry but I really can’t give informal
or unplanned “pre-releases” of information,
they’ll come in articles rather than on
the Forum. But I’m glad to answer scientific questions.

No, MAG-10 absolutely is not appropriate
for women, being virilizing.

Side effects are the same as a Primo/Androsol
stack, namely, very mild, perhaps some
skin oiliness, perhaps some temporary acne
though using skin care products that include
salicylic acid can avoid or minimize this.

Bill, I know an increase in T also means an increase in fat loss. Do you know how much body fat one can lose while taking MAG-10?

Well, as with any reasonable androgen
at all, including Androsol, most men can
get down to about 6% or even less provided
diet and training is appropriate. Without
that, androgens don’t cause fat loss, one
can gain fat on them actually.

Bill, am I just really tired or did you write that androgens won’t cause a reduction of adipose tissue size? Perhaps you were referring to visceral tissue. Then again some androgens reduce that too. Not trying to start a debate, I’d just like to know why you think that.

No, I didn’t say that Cy – it’s known
that androgens do have effect on fat cells – but what I meant was that most guys can diet down quite lean with or without added androgens, and adding androgen alone, without
appropriate care to diet, won’t cause fat
loss. The question was how much fat you
can lose with MAG-10, and I think the answer
is, about the same as without MAG-10! Just
depends on how fat you are and how well you diet.

Yes, you might get a couple of percentage
points lower, but still one guy could lose
30 lb of fat without MAG-10 (being fatter
in the first place) and another loses only
15 lb with MAG-10, being leaner in the first

However of course LBM retention will be
far better with MAG-10 than without any

I totally see your point Bill. Yes, androgens inhibit fat deposition and increase lipolysis. However, simply saying that, guys are going to assume that they can throw their diet out the window and still reduce adipose tissue size while using MAG-10 or any androgen. If that’s the case, they’ll surely be disappointed. Good point Bill.