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MAG-10 Question


So I walk into this tiny supplement store, and I see a bottle of MAG-10 sitting there on the shelf. I thought to myself, Whoa this is the legendary stuff! check the expiration and its good for another 9months.

The lady tells me its the last bottle. I decided to check in here first, did a search, and now will ask you guys for advice.

I am 30yrs old, 6', 190lbs, maybe 15%BF. I really wanted to try this stuff but, my question is: Do I have to cycle it with any other supp? I am 4weeks into my Alpha Male.

also, will only one bottle give me some good gains, if I have the proper nutrition in order? or would I need a follow up? and lastly, its costs $95. is this a reasonable price? all in all, is it worth it?
Thanks in advance for any advice!


Pretty sure this isn't the actual MAG-10 that everybody raves about. Biotest at some point released a different version of MAG-10 which wasn't actually a prohormone. I don't know too much about it tho. I'm sure someone else will chime in.


would there be a way to know? thanks for the insight! you could be right.


Does it say MAG-10 The Avenger on the label? If so, that isn't the actual MAG-10 you may have thought you were getting (the prohormone).


Yeah, get the "tagline" name. Is it Avenger, Destroyer, Legacy or what?


Or you could read the ingredients. The Avenger had Tribulus in it, and the actual MAG-10 has 4-androstene-3,17-diethylcarbonate. There is more in both, but neither has both of these.


I didnt see any other print other than MAG-10 on the label. I am thinking its old stock that has not been sold yet. also, its $95. pretty steep. will check it out. what should I be looking for exactly? or which one is the best? Legacy, Avenger etc..


Legacy was the limited edition version that they sold right before the pro-hormone ban. I doubt that's what you looked at. It's most likely the Avenger which to my understanding is the least potent of the three, and was sold in many outlets, such as GNC.