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Mag-10 Question

Tommorrow is day 14 on my Mag-10 cycle, and I’m just starting to really see some great results, I don’t want to stop taking it yet, do most people follow the reccomendations on the bottle or not?

I’ve done up to 4 week cycles with good gains. What you have to understand though is that the longer the cycle the more difficult it is to maintan gains post cycle.

If you choose to do a longer cycle absolutely have Tribex or Red Kat or both along with M on hand. Additionally Methoxy if you can find any of the older or if the newer is out by then will be a huge help. Also important will be to bumb your protein and cals.

I’d also be careful not to go much longer than 5-6 weeks.

You might try 2-on, 2-off (with Tribex, etc.), then 2-on again. Or even give yourself ONE week off, then crack the seal on the next bottle.

You will find that the week off does NOT mean your strength levels (or any cosmetic changes) suddenly fade. You might find that your strength continues to increase during the week off, in fact, and then when you DO start the Mag-10 again, you have stretched a potential 4-week cycle into 5 weeks, and done yourself a favor with the week off to counter T-suppression. The one time I used Mag-10 in 2-week cycles with off weeks in between, my lifts kept improving during the middle weeks on Tribex and M and Red Kat.

Hope that helps.

Like others have stated it is all dependent on weither you are ready to deal with the possibilty of greater supression of T-Levels and possibly a bit longer recovery. Which in turn will take more attention to diet, training, and supps. to keep what you have gained. Yes, there is the potential for greater gains, but also potential for further side effects and losing what you gain.

The good thing about the 2on, 2off, 2on, etc. is the minimal supression and easy recovery.

Hope this helps,