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MAG-10 Question

My boyfriend decided to start taking Mag-10 again after 6 months and is trying to determine if he would see greater results by taking 2 bottles of the liquid at once or would it be more effective to take one bottle, cycle off for 2-4 weeks, and then take the second bottle. Does anybody have any ideas of what would give him the greatest gains? Please be specific. THANKS SO MUCH!

Personally, I saw the best results by taking 2 servings a day. One in the a.m. and one in the p.m. I did this for 14 days, using 2 bottles. I’ve heard mixed opinions on this but, that is what worked best for me. Hope this helps.

I havent tried it as of yet but the ppl that have double dosed have reported great results. I would say go for that. Or run a longer cycle of single dosing the bottles with no break.

Either way he can expect to get good gains only if diet and training are in line first. Most important factor being diet.


Everybody is different. I would start with 2 on and 2 off and see how it goes.

I’ve done it both ways. Double dosing for 2 weeks and single dosing for 3 weeks or longer. I think both were effective but I would have to say that I would rather single dose and go 4 weeks straight. That’s what I’m going to do from now on.

I’ve only done 2 weeks with single dosing, and had great results (following Growth Surge and trying to pack plenty of decent calories into me).

Right now I’ve got 2 bottles of the capsules, and have just ordered 2 more. I’m interested in trying the “alternate protocol” mentioned recently by Chris Shugart, who says that some TMag staff are trying 12 capsules 2x/week in order to do long cycles with reduced chance of suppression. Two bottles turns into 7 weeks of use. I’m planning on 3-day mini-cycles: Day One- Mag-10 and Lower Body; Day Two-Upper Body; Day Three- Off (light cardio).

That sounds interesting. I just wonder why on the Mag-10 FAQ it says “for those GONZOS.” Any ideas?

Sorry, can’t help you, as I cannot recall the exact context.

But I think the thrust of the comment has nothing to do with a purple, long-beaked, manic little Muppet, and everything to do with people who want to go full-steam ahead, make an all-out effort, and do what it takes to get big.

Your beau (who ought to be here himself, I think) should take advantage of the supplement and make sure he eats big and lifts big while on. Let us know how it turns out.

As Amyswtprncss has noted, I took Mag-10 6 or 7 months ago and got phenomenal results. At that time I gained 1/2 inch in each arm, 1 1/2 inches in the chest, 1 inch in each leg and lost 2 inches in the waist. I do appreciate all of the info that everyone has provided. However, another question I have relates to maintained mass after Mag-10. On the cycle I will be eating over 350 grams of protein and over 3,000 calories. Does anyone have any feed back as to how much of the gains they have lost after their cycle? I have 2 bottles of liquid and I want none of it to go to waste.

I prefer double dosing for 6-8 weeks. I don’t even feel it till the second week, so what’s the point of a two weeker. No side affects, no shut down after it’s over either. I prefer longer cycles to see larger gains as oppossed to the 2 on 4 off types.

I’ve used Mag10 several times in the past, always 1x a day and pretty pleased (once while bulking, and once while cutting). Recently I tried the 2x a day for 4 weeks (figured I’d really go nuts),and I am actually wondering if you just get less and less effects with each administration. I barely got anything out of it, and what I did, I wonder if the effects are simply resultant of the increased volume I was using…

Just my own experience.